I translate your passion into a language your clients understand while making them feel understood.


It feels dang good when others get you. 


Opportunities to use words to connect:

  • brand name

  • tagline

  • home page

  • about page

  • sale's page

  • connect page

  • your blog bio

  • every bio you've ever created.  Think: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp

  • Your "buy now" button.  Save "buy now" for Tony Little and the Gazelle.  There is another way to activate credit cards.  Promise.

  • Your e-book introduction or book summary

  • Anything in your newsletter

  • The name of your services

  • Submission forms


Why the right Words are key

Words are the ticket to connection.


When we start realizing how similar we are we start to relate to one another.  When you really know your client and your WHY for serving said client you cut through traditional marketing mumbo and get to the grit of the client’s world as it intersects with your amazing ability to enhance it.  Ahhhh the sweet spot of marketing. 

While speaking their language is oh, so critical, so is doing it with efficiency.  Drop the fancy words and fluff, people are busy.  Your people are looking for you.  They just need to recognize you when they see you in the 3 seconds they lay their eyes on you.  No pressure.


Ummm so how much are you?

Fair question.  Writing authentically on your behalf is so unique, so every price will be, too. Let me know what you need then I get to know you, your business, and the nook and crannies of your client.  I can tell you that my rates live somewhere between an investment and accessible. I promise this benefits both of us.


What Working With Me Looks Like


Schedule your complimentary 20-minute discovery call.  In this call we talk about you, your business and your client.  We look at where you’re at in the process of your business and brand. Are you just starting, starting over or need tweaks?  We determine if we are good match.  I’m not everybody’s flavor.  If we decide to go forth, I send you a proposal for the project. 


Upon acceptance of proposal.  We schedule the 60-90 minute getting intimate call.  In this call we go deep.  I get to know you as you relate to your business.  And the nook and crannies of your client.  I’m talking... I know the color of her panties and how she takes her coffee. 


I send you a handy document with a snapshot of your brand and client.  This is handy as you go forth to create content and visuals for yourself.



I begin the content creation.  I send you the content via google docs.  You let me know what you like and what you don’t like.  I revise until we nail it.