Visuals I Help With

How you visually come across speaks volumes about you, your services and who you service. Your visuals are oftentimes your client’s first impression of you, so ensuring they get a dang good one is essential.  



I create your internet house to feel like a home for your unique brand. This means, accessible, relatable and inviting with your taste and style, displayed in a clean and concise website on Squarespace. When I hand over the keys you receive a website that’s thoughtfully laid out, with styled content, carefully selected images, custom icons, and newsletter integration that's easy for you and your client to navigate.


*This includes a 4 page website design + domain set-up, so your website can go live in lights when you get the green light. Should you fancy copywriting, too- click here.

See an example

(this example includes someone who went through the Brand-it Bandit process)


Sale’s Page Design + Setup of Logistics.

Looking for a page where you take payments and deliver products (either physical or digital)? You know a page devoted to selling your e-book, course or video on french braiding. AKA Commerce. I curate all visual aspects of this from the font, colors, stock images to how your clients purchase and receive the products. Ta-da.


See an example

(this example includes someone who went through the Brand-it Bandit process as well)


Is your organization or business doing anything but thriving? Does it seems like your mission statement is blurry or muddy or has frayed edges and you need a BIG reminder of what you’re all about? Is your website stale and static and doesn’t even excite YOU at all? Are you at best inconsistent in your social media presence? HIRE Kelli.

Let me tell you about Kelli. Kelli, the woman who forced us to reclaim who we are, reignited the passion that we had lost from the long days of hard work, stoked the fire that once burned bright in our vision of what we were creating. Kelli, who created a workable, maintainable website that says more about us then we could possibly convey on our own. It’s nice to see how others view you, she does that. She can pull all of that together AND MORE. And, deliver on time, or within a reasonable time frame.

Get her before she’s too popular. You know how it goes. If your reading this, you need her.

-Donna Saffron w/ Midtown Montessori


Remember your visuals are your chance to percolate in all that is you and put it on display.