The Brand-IT Bandit Session

It's time to cut through the crazy.  No more sitting duck. 

You know that thing where you're a yoga instructor, life coach and you have a good thing going with that direct sales gig, buuuut you are STUCK. You have no idea how to tie it all together, so you stop sharing posts on Facebook + Instagram and letting people really see you and all of your gifts. 

Now that's Crazy.  

Let's fix that with a good ole fashion dose of clarity and identity.



Part 1 :: Clarity


You download on me all that is you.  I listen, ask questions, take notes, and sift through all of it. I mine for the gold and curate a strategy that puts your heart on display in the most accurate way.   

The roots and guts of your business.  You know what sets you apart from your competition.  There are a lot of people who do what you do, but there are a lot of people who want HOW you do it.  Everybody has their somebody, the trick lives in knowing what makes your somebody want you and showcasing it.   

Your Business Name + Tagline.  

The words on your homepage. This provides a guided layout of how all the legs of your business come together.  So you are CLEAR on what you're offering clients, who you're offering it to and how the offers lead to you getting paid. 

Your Opening Brand Bio Statement = What You Do + Who You Serve.  A clear sentence that makes your clients understand what you do, while feeling understood.  Also known as the sweet spot of copy.  You will also get a version of this to put on your Instagram Bio, too.

Your social media strategy.  What to share on social media and what to write about on your blog, so you're never left wondering WTF do I share - 'cause when you stop sharing, you stop getting new clients.  Not good.  


Part 2 :: Identity

I get to know what you love most in the world (not just work related- everything is fair game) then I create a visual personality based on your unique characteristics and preferences, so your brand feels like an extension of you, what walk away with...

A list words that excavate the bits of you, you cherish.  These words are insanely helpful in searching for stock and inspirational images as well as writing the words on your website and social media that to your ideal clients' hearts.

Your Style Guide (see right).  A group of inspirational images that bring to life your aesthetic and your brand's colors.  These colors get weaved into your website, instagram pictures, social media banners, and business cards.

Your logo, font selection, favicon (the little icon in the URL) and signature.  This is the beginning of creating the visual identity that represents this business baby of yours.  NBD.

Stock Photo Selection.  Based on the identity above I choose 7 stock photos for you to use on your website or social media.  Stock photos can speak volumes for your brand, but knowing which ones to choose or how to start to choose can be less than obvious.   



*(Payment options available)


If you want to be confident in your brand, message, and business web space, Kelli is the "it" gal you want to get to know!!!

When you aren't completely confident sending people to your business’ front door, how are your people going to find you? 

Hi. Yeah, that's been me! Until I reached out to Kelli!! 

I worked with Kelli on a combo of brand identity, website re-design, and cleaning up my copy and it's made ALL the difference.

Since starting KURE a year ago I have felt disconnected to parts of my brand and know it has been an energetic closed door to the women who need to find me and who I want to find me. While my re-brand hasn't changed my coaching ability, services, or the foundation of my mission, it has changed the way I feel toward my business.

I feel confident in ways I didn't six months ago, or even a month ago. I FINALLY feel connected to my business, brand, my role as a mother amongst all of it, and comfortable sending ideal clients to my website knowing it reflects me and what I do with SO MUCH MORE clarity than ever before.

Kelli has been at the heart of making this happen! 

In addition to So.Many.Things, Kelli is a word wizard and also has the ability to make a picture speak 1,000 words when 1,000 of them are more than anyone wants to read on your website!

-Kate Ure CEO of  Kure  Living


How it Goes Down

1. You hit the button below. Book your time for your free 20 minute chat.

2. We talk.  If we are feeling the sparks then we book your 90 minute Brand Clarity Phone call.

3. We chat it up.  We get after why you do what you do, what makes you tick as it intersects with your ideal clients’ needs then 5- 7 days later (after I've marinated on you + your business) you get all the goodness mentioned above.

4. Should you need revisions, you get 3 Brand Clarity and 3 Brand Identity Revisions.  

5. Giddy-up you're about to build that empire you've been ruminating on for waaay too long.