brand coaching

8 weeks of 1:1 guidance through the ENTIRE branding process.



nobody brands


Better than



No more sitting duck. 

You know that thing where you're a yoga instructor, life coach and you have a good thing going with that direct sales gig, buuuut you are STUCK. You have no idea how to tie it all together, so you stop sharing posts on Facebook + Instagram and letting people really see you and all of your gifts. 

Now that's Crazy.  

Sometimes you just need a trained set of eyes to help you mine through all that is you, clarify it, organize it and position it in a way that feels, well, so you.

In short, together we curate a strategy that puts your heart on display in the most accurate way.  


What You Get


The Brand bio

The most importance sentence on your website.

Brand Bio = What You Do + Who You Serve. A clear sentence that makes your clients understand what you do, and if you’re the one to do it for them.


The Titles

What are you calling… you? Your brand? Your Services? Your freebies? Your FB group? Your Podcast? I guide you through how to create a clever and clear name for anything that needs one.

KATEMAXSTOCK – 4622.jpeg

The Services

A guided layout of how all the legs of your business come together. So you’re CLEAR on what you're offering clients, who you're offering it to, and how the offers lead to you getting paid.


The words

ALL the words that live on your Homepage, About Page, Service/ Product Pages, Connect Page and any social media, newsletter, blog or other places you write to your people. You’ll never be left wondering WTF do I post about again.


The Strategy

Ahhh word has it… the size of a brand’s success is directly related to the size of their list, so we create your irresistible offer (AKA freebie/ opt-in) that makes surrendering one’s email address a no-brainer.


the look

You let me in on all that beauty percolating in you. I translate it through inspo images, to create your brand’s colors, logo, custom font, and favicon (little icon that lives next to your URL).


But what you really get is…

Clarity & Confidence

the clarity on WHAT you’re offering and the confidence in HOW to share it.

This means you’re never left wondering how to… create a Sale’s Page, write an engaging Instagram post, change your services/ products/ offers, introduce yourself as it relates to what you do, or plain ole keep going when it feels like you have no business running a business.


How it Goes Down

1. You hit the button below. Book a time for your FREE 20-minute chat.

2. We talk.  If we are feeling the sparks then we talk payment options :: the one time payment of $2,000 or two monthly payments of $1,100.

3. Once ‘ze contract is signed, we set-up times for our calls. The first call is 60 min, as it’s the meatiest. The remaining 7 are 30 min calls. The calls must be completed within an 8-week time frame.

4. The first call we untangle all of your passions, and curate a strategy that ties them all together in a way that highlights what makes you tick as it intersects with your ideal clients’ needs. You are given very specific homework to get you to write words that clearly identify what you do in a way that allows your client to feel connected to it.

5. Each call there after we workshop the homework from the week before and discuss the homework for the current week. This is a fast paced service designed to squash overwhelm and procrastination in favor of clarity and action.

6. If all of this has butterflies fluttering about in yo belly, then giddy-up you're about to build that empire you've been ruminating on for waaay too long.


If you want to be confident in your brand, message, and business web space, Kelli is the "it" gal you want to get to know!!!

I worked with Kelli on a combo of brand identity, website re-design, and cleaning up my copy and it's made ALL the difference.

I feel confident in ways I didn't six months ago, or even a month ago. I FINALLY feel connected to my business, brand, my role as a mother amongst all of it, and comfortable sending ideal clients to my website knowing it reflects me and what I do with SO MUCH MORE clarity than ever before.

Kelli has been at the heart of making this happen! 

In addition to So.Many.Things, Kelli is a word wizard and also has the ability to make a picture speak 1,000 words when 1,000 of them are more than anyone wants to read on your website!

-Kate Ure CEO of  Kure  Living


Who it’s for?

The #sheboss who’s ready to move forward. No, like really ready.

This is a fast paced service designed to overhaul overwhelm and procrastination in favor of clarity and action.

We have 8 weeks together to get ‘ish done. Each week’s assignment builds on the last, so staying on schedule is imperative to get the most value from this service. Hint: I’m no longer available after the 8 weeks. Use me wisely.

The babe who knows writing well is an invaluable skill to her brand and that the real value comes when it’s her words she’s writing.

In a nutshell, nobody can brand you, better than you.