You know that thing where you're a yoga instructor, life coach and you have a good thing going with that direct sales gig, buuuut you are STUCK. You have no idea how to tie it all together, so you stop sharing posts on Facebook + Instagram and letting people really see you and all of your gifts.  Now that's Crazy.  

cut through the crazy

No more sitting duck.

Let's fix that with a good ole fashion dose of clarity and the words that work.


Clarity + Words


You download on me all that is you.  I listen, ask questions, take notes, and sift through all of it. I mine for the gold and curate a strategy that puts your heart on display in the most accurate way.  

And together we come up with your…  

Your Opening Brand Bio Statement = What You Do + Who You Serve.  A clear sentence that makes your clients understand what you do, while feeling understood.  Also known as the sweet spot of copy.  You will also get a version of this to put on your Instagram Bio, too. 

The words on your homepage. This provides a guided layout of how all the legs of your business come together.  So you’re CLEAR on what you're offering clients, who you're offering it to and how the offers lead to you getting paid. 

Your social media strategy.  What to share on social media and what to write about on your blog, so you're never left wondering WTF do I share - 'cause when you stop sharing, you stop getting new clients.  Booooo.

Writing Guidance. Because nobody is born a copywriter and they don’t teach this stuff in English 101. I help you find your voice, how to translate it in a way that feels effortless to you and engaging for your people. Once you know these skills watch the instagram captions, product descriptions, and sale’s page verbiage ooze out of you.


How it Goes Down

1. You hit the button above or below and schedule a free 20 min phone call.

2. If sparks fly we schedule a time for your 90 minute Brand Clarity Phone call.

3. We chat it up. We get after why you do what you do, what makes you tick as it intersects with your ideal clients’ needs, then 2-3 days later (after I've marinated on you + your business) you get all the goodness mentioned above.

4. Should you need revisions, we do them until you’re fist pumpin’.

5. Giddy-up you're about to build that empire you've been ruminating on for waaay too long.