My PM Skincare Routine


It feels like a lifetime ago when I was blogging about my skincare regime on the regular and daaaang it feels good to be back. So a little backstory on my skin:  I’m 37, I don’t sleep nearly as much as I should (thank you, Elliot, Ruby, and Burt- yeah, Burt, too) I have acne-prone skin that does not get any less prone to acne the more wrinkles I acquire, I battle hyper-pigmentation- hello, pregnancy beard, it’s tough AF- nothing seems to irritate it, I am more oily than dry, but not by much, I eat pretty darn well and exercise is my Church, so these are the cards I’m working with when choosing skincare products.  

Also, in case we’ve never met I use to own a mini-spa that focused on problem skin, because, well, that’s what I know best. Furthermore, I’ve been a product slut from the ripe age of 7ish.  My mom can attest to this. I was incredibly annoying to take to Meijers (my hometown version of Target).  In summary, I’ve been around the product block.  It’s hard to find a product I haven’t tried.  In closing, I would love to be the type who uses castile soap, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, but I’m way to vien for that.   My skin would look like a Proactive before pic mixed with the stunning woman from the anti-smoking campaign.  Not a good look.

Without further adieu here is my PM skincare routine:



  1. Pre-Cleanse with Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Balm.  The point of a precleanse is to allow your cleanser to do it’s job.  It’s like rinsing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.  Oil pre cleanses are best because oil breaks down oil- crazy right?  So I massage this balm into my skin then press a warm washcloth on it (facial style) then remove the balm with said cloth.  My skin feels revived after this one step.  I could almost stop there, but I would never ‘cause acne.  ALL THE ACNE.

  2. Cleanse with Lira’s Ice Clarifying Scrub.  I swear this product is made for 13-year-old boys, but it works wonders I my 37-year-old skin.  It’s actually not very harsh and I use it at PM only (stay tuned AM regime coming soon) but the minute I use this one product my skin stops with the braille.  It’s a gentle manual scrub with a dash of benzoyl peroxide.  The stuff dreams are made of.  

  3. Epionce’s Purifying Toner.  It feel like Clinique’s Clarifying Toner  (please tell me you remember the cool breeze sensation) minus the sting of your skin being stripped off.  I have yet to find a toner I like better.  I honestly don’t know if it’s necessary, but my it just FEELS SO GOOD.  (Also this guy is not pictured...oops)

  4. Apply Kate Somerville’s Anti-Bac lotion in my T-zone.  This fella is a cocktail of hydration and benzoyl peroxide.  They warn that he could dry your skin out, but I use him 2-3x per day and have yet to feel parched, but my skin is a product warrior, so precede with caution.

  5. Apply Epionce’s Eye Renewal to my orbital bone (that’s a fancy way of saying the region around your eye).  This is the only eye cream I feel might be doing something more than your moisturizer.  At the very least there are light reflectors in the formulation.  So I look well rested from time-to-time.  

  6. After the anti-bac and eye cream have a hot minute to soak in, I apply NIA 24’s Intensive Recovery Complex.  This is the only product I have found to make a dent in my pigmentation.  It takes consistent use, but after 1 month of AM +PM application,  my skin starts to look brighter and I drop my 5:00 shadow.  I believe it’s the Niacinamide/ licorice root combo that gets ‘er done.  Niacinamide is proven effective in fighting acne, so I’m getting after two birds.

And there you have it, the skin care regime I always come back to because it works the best for MY skin.  I hope find a nugget of new news in there.  Also I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to order a few products from The Ordinary (a skincare company), but they haven’t arrived yet.  If they are half as good as their marketing then there could be a new skin regime in town.  Stay tuned...

Standing here is as me in hope of giving you permission to do you,