Add Custom Text to Images in Canva (Video)

Ohhhh howdy!

Now that BOTH of my kiddos are in school I am back to creating for 'ze YouTube channel.

In this week's tutorial I guide you through creating images with text over them (see below).

This is great for those that want to add images with their fancy custom font to their Squarespace website.

As it stands right now (you can bring in custom font to your Squarespace website, but there is no way to get that font over an image, there is a way to use one of their fonts, but not yours). This Canva hack solves that.

Insider note... this is actually a bonus lesson in my up and coming course 7 Day Site Spruce where I guide you through designing a Squarespace website in 7 days. Woot!!

This is also a great episode to watch if you want to create branded Insta story images or Instagram Images, or FB banners, or....

In short, if you're feeling the creative creepers... pop over to my YouTube channel and check 'er out.

If you haven't yet.... subscribe, share and comment. I will keep making these videos if I know they are bringing 'ze value and the only way I know that is through your feedback and knowing that other people are benefiting from them.


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