The Instant Trick to Getting Unstuck in Your Business


Recently I opened my brand coaching service a few weeks ago, I started to get more DM’s, email replies and my 20 min let’s chat sessions filling up.

All because so many entrepreneurs are… overwhelmed, overcomplicating and overthinking this branding, writing and website stuff. I get it. I did, too. And I’m doing it in other areas of my business & life (hello... hiring help, figuring out Pinterest, and what to eat).

I don’t have it ALL figured out (why do I always need to capitalize ALL?!!!), but I do think I tapped into something magical when I realized how simple all of this branding, design and writing stuff really is. It’s our perception that the tech is really confusing, we don’t have a designer’s eye, we don’t know what our voice is, or what our brand colors are, that is giving us ALL THE TROUBLE.

Yes, when you start fiddling around in Canva, Squarespace, Convertkit, Mailchimp or Acuity (insert any other entrepreneurial app here) it’s complex and frustrating, but so was the first time you used a smartphone, switched from a PC to Mac, picked up a DSLR, or started needle punching. Needle punching kills me.

The point… It’s going to feel foreign at first, but this does not mean something has gone horribly wrong or that’s it’s not meant for you. It certainly does not mean to let this be the boulder in your business that keeps you stuck because you don’t have a website, logo, calendar, newsletter, etc...

It means… give yourself permission to be a beginner and play. Fiddle in Squarespace, have fun Canva, write an Instagram post you never intend anyone to read, pin pictures on Pinterest simply because they are pretty (hint: this is how all of my clients develop their brand colors).

In short, don’t overthink it. As Cody Risby (my fave Peloton instructor) says… “Bitch, it’s not that deep”. And it’s not, there are oodles of experts out there saying otherwise, but I don't think anyone as this figured out. There is no right way to do this branding stuff. The only wrong way is the way that keeps you stuck.

I think we are out here doing the stuff we love, so let’s love the stuff we’re doing. We get to build a website, pick out pretty colors, write stories about our lives, share our special sauce, and make money.

Ignore the thoughts that you need to have a fancy design degree, expertise in marketing and in-depth knowledge of copywriting to nail this branding business. You don’t. Help and guidance, yes, but only if they feel good for you.

Follow that intuition & those instincts they will lead you to places that create magnetic magic, and allow you to enjoy the journey more, so you don't want to throw in the towel every other Thursday.

Helping you see what’s possible,