That Time I Dreamed of Quitting My Online Business To Be a Farmer


True story. Please know i’ve never planted anything in my life. Well, maybe, a house plant.
I was questioning everything. Is this the life I really want?!!

I felt so close to the life I was craving, yet… SO. FAR. AWAY.

There I set on the periphery…. Watching all of the perfect pieces sitting there as I scramble through my daily activities unable to enjoy them.

So...I hired a coach ( as one does) with the soul purpose to figure out how to be present in my life, so I could LIVE my life, instead of merely managing it. I thought I needed to change everything to get there. Starting with a career where I unplugged, and worked with my hands in nature. Work that didn’t require Instagram, FB lives and nurture sequences. Work that allows me to sip coffee on my porch on Saturday, instead of in front of my computer. Work that allowed me to do puzzles and set up race tracks with my kiddos, instead of configuring Convertkit.

Guess What?! The work never needed to change.

My thoughts about it ALL did.

Every time I would get momentum to work on something I started to find an equally opposing thought to why it wouldn’t work. I would start creating a course and then think of how much time it takes to launch and how that equals time away from the activities I’m trying to cultivate more of.

Here’s what’s not true... it’s not either/or, it’s BOTH.

You can successfully create and build and online business and watch the sunrise in the morning.

I was wasting so much time talking myself out of decisions. I just sat in the heaviness of overwhelm while missing out on the magic of momentum.

Once I changed my thoughts on what success means and truly committed to staying on a path, so much more time appeared.

Last Friday I got to design a website, enjoy social media, workout, take a nap and play with my kids. I was truly present in all the activities, and I didn’t need to harvest one Apple or milk one cow to get there.

Although don’t count out a serious garden in my future.

The point... before you start searching for solutions to a circumstance, explore your thoughts about it first. Because as they say... wherever you go, there you are.

Translation... Happiness is entirety determined by what you think, not what you do.

Helping you see what’s possible,


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