You're Not Doing it Wrong


Just because you...

Snap at your kiddo, while reading a book on conscious parenting.

Feel edgy and irritable minutes after you filled out your gratitude journal.

Eat the Costco cake, and know waaaaay better.

Want a vacation the day after you get back from vacation.

Want to work and be a with your kids.

Sign up for Weight Watchers and desire to be an Intuitive eater

Purchase the ridiculously expensive linen sheets Instagram keeps dropping in your feed and map out your dept payment plan.

Go on Zoloft

Go off Zoloft

Create the funnel

Fuck the funnel

The point... we are really hard on ourselves. We assume we are doing this life stuff wrong. But what if for one moment we lay off the shaming and acknowledge we're doing it right, because we’re human, not SUPER human. We’re allowed to be affected by the intricacies and hard bumps of life. We’re allowed to be pleasing and pissy. As one if my favorite meditation teachers says (as if I have so many).... “you are human, dear one. You’re allowed to be in both ways”.

And we are. Take a look at that silent (yet not silent at ALL) dialogue running through head. How often are you doing it ALL WRONG. How worn down are you?

Imagine the lightness you feel when you loosen up the reigns a little. Give yourself the wiggle room of forgiveness + compassion. I think I wrote about compassion last week, too. I think I'm sensing a theme. Right now... I'm looking for all the ways to enjoy life. And it only comes when I love myself. Despite buying all the beautiful linen bedding.

This self-compassion stuff is not given enough air time, when I swear it’s the thing that will create the direct path to the life we're craving.

Helping you see what’s possible,


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