You Can't Hate Your Way to Happy


Everywhere I go this past month I keep seeing some version of the quote... “the journey has to feel like you imagine the destination to.” 

In short, we can’t hate our way to happy

Lately I’ve been working with several women entrepreneurs who think they are coming to me to untangle their brand, so they can write copy that connects or create a website that wows. 

But the problem doesn’t live in their clarity, content, or creativity.  It lives in their disconnection to the services they are offering.  

They assume they should be the business coach that teaches Facebook and Funnels, when really they are more interested in how people share their truth with the world through their business.   

They assume they should be the life coach that guides their clients through career and life transitions, when they are more in love with helping them design a wardrobe or living space that inspires and ignites their personality.

They assume they should be the health coach offering a cleansing protocol and supplements when their heart is in skincare, make-up and teaching clients how to live a balanced lifestyle. 

They assume they need to be the accountability coach and personal trainer who gets people to run more and eat less, when really their heart lives in connecting with their people to just be and really see + listen to them.  

So if you’re surrounded by all the meh’s in your business, it might be worth a minute of pause.  To really look at if you’re still doing the work that lights you up in the way you want to do it.  It’s not to say you can’t be the business, life, health, or accountability coach, but the way you teach your topic is allowed to change.  

In fact, I would say it’s necessary. 

We are our BRAND, so if we are evolving and our brand is staying stagnant there is going to be a lack of fire behind what we’re offering.  

And try writing copy for a service you wouldn’t even buy.  Not a good look, friends.  

And wanna know the irony…. I thought I was the Brand Coach that thought I would guide my clients to success through words and websites, I’m now finding my passion also lives in helping women find their way back to their words and website through finding THEIR way, so if you’re interested in life coaching to breathe some life back into your brand and, well, life, schedule a free 20 min call to see if we could dance.   I only have 2 spots and I'm becoming fiercely protective of my downtime, so if you're serious strike while the iron is hot.  

I love you guys.  I really do.

Helping you see what’s possible,


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