Let Your Writing Feel Liberating, Not Suffocating


Gurrrrl, I know untangling all of those passions in your head into a clear + cohesive message is enough to make you want to eat all the cookies and/ or drink all the wine.

I would say it’s THE thing I hear most from my clients…. The lack of clarity around what their brand is prevents any action from being taken. Instead you’re left with oodles of iNotes, Google drive docs, and Instagram drafts that are full half baked, great ideas feeling all sorts stuck.

So let’s get you in the magic of momentum and get those ideas fully baked and out into the world.

Giddy up because doors to my 5 day, online course Crash Course Copy open on Thursday July 11th.

In this course we are excavating your brand from the depths of your head and heart and turning it into a clear vision that allows you to write captivating, content consistently. Say that 5 times fast.

You walk away with…

  • Your Brand bio (aka the most important sentence on your website and really THE sentence that clarifies all of you greatness)

  • All of the words on your Home and About Page

  • The knowledge of who your ideal client is (WITHOUT A CLIENT AVATAR EXERCISE)

  • A map of how all of your services come together (i.e. you’ve got a great thing going with Do Terra, you love yoga and you’re a certified life coach, soooo what do you call yourself and what are you offering?!)

  • A working knowledge on how to Name anything in a clear + clever way (ahem give that great course, service, business idea a proper name)

And we are doing the mindset work right out of the gate, so you complete these 5 days. No, really.

I know how much those mind monkeys rule the show. If your mind isn’t in the right place, all the tools will do you NO good, so we first we slay those crazy critters then we bust out the tools.

Annnd the best part I’m here with you for the entire 5 days. Meaning… you’re stuck… bring it to the Facebook group. Me + your peers will help you workshop it. You don’t need to sit marinating in the muck of overwhelm. You’re stuck… let’s work it OUT. I honestly don’t know if I will ever offer this part of the course again, so if you’re fence sitting, hop to the side of help.

After all writing is meant to liberate your voice, not suffocate it.

Helping you see what’s possible,