I Hope This Makes Your Today Better


Oh boy I am to-do Tiffany lately.  Just so many little tasks I’m doing for my business.  I was recently rushing through one of my favorite things…  picking out stock photos.  

I was all like …. “Speed it up, you need to get the video cover loaded, write the welcome sequence, create the countdown timer….” 

I swear to Peter it’s exhausting to be me.  I’m also pretty sure we are all doing this nonsense to ourselves.

Here’s what I realized… this rushing to the end is the silliest thing ever.  Because the end isn’t actually the point.  

The enjoyment of our life is.  

I love my work because... I LOVE sleuthing for stock photos, creating emails, creating in Canva.  In short, I love the process, so I best act like it by savoring, rather steam-rolling through it.  

So if you’re like I gotta get ‘ish done.  I get it, but remember that’s not why you’re doing this. 

Daniell La Porte said it best…

“The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel

Helping you see what’s possible,