Your Greatest Gifts are Hiding in Plain Site


I recently found someone on Instagram who specializes in clearing clutter, purchasing with intention (i.e. “on sale” is not a reason) and keeping it all organized in a way that ties it all back to creating a life that makes you feel ALIVE.

Some of her quotes “if you’re not using it, it’s not useful” were exact sentiments I’ve said.  

It’s not like I haven’t seen professional organizers before.  I know they are all the rage. Hello, Mari Kondo.  But this gem was different for me.  There was something about how she made the correlation between the quality of your life and the amount of glasses in your cupboard that has made sense to me for years when a lot of people see me as cray. 

As I was trolling her ‘gram I had equal parts elation and envy.  

You mean these things that I do, too… people like?!!

Oh crap she’s doing this so well there’s no way I can creep in and do it, too.  

In short, I got that dang delightful zing of inspiration.  

And then I was like how have you never thought to do more with this?!!  It’s literally the one trait I’ve had my whole life.  I use to clean and organize my rooms on Saturdays (no, really I would bleach the tub, while my friends went to the mall).  Every house/ apt/ dorm room in College and beyond, I decorated (not like posters-and-comforter-set, decorate…. More like I was out sleuthing antique stores, Pier 1 and World Market for the perfect piece to fit in this corner that nobody sees).  And now as an adult with two small kiddos the first question everyone asks, is how do you keep your house looking like this?!! Where are all the toys?!  

I missed this gift hiding in plain site because…

I’ve never struggled with organization, decorating or cleanliness. 

I became an aesthetician because I had horrible acne and found clear skin.

I became a wellness coach because I lost 40 lbs and found health and happiness.  

I became a website designer and content writer because I struggled with marketing and found a way to do it in an effective and easier than I had ever encountered. 

Essentially, I saw my greatest gifts in my life changing transformation, not in my lifelong traits. 

But your greatest gifts are found in transformations and your traits, so if you are like “what in the name of Pricilla do I do with my life?”  

What are so good at you assume everyone is too? 

What do other people come to you all the time?

Ask you friends/ family what they think you are remarkable at?

Where do you feel that zing of inspiration?  Good lord… that zing. He always leads me places I’m glad to be.

If your wheels are turning and you want more help extracting your nuggets of greatness and creating clear words around what that is in a way that people clearly understand what you do, giddy up because my 5 Day course CRASH COURSE COPY is launching soon.  

Because… Writing gets a whole lot easier when you LOVE what you’re writing about. 

Helping you see what’s possible,