Learn to Write Words that Consistently Connect with Your Audience (even if you hate to write)


New course coming in hot.... CRASH COURSE COPY.

A 5-day course that guides you through distilling down your greatness and packaging it in language your clients understand while feeling understood.

In other words, I help you remember (or realize) where your passion and your preparedness meet and teach you how to write about it.

You walk away with

>>> A deep understanding of what your brand is and who it's serving.

>>> All of the words on your Homepage.

>>> All of the words on About page.

>>> Your content strategy. I.e. what you're going to write about on the regular in your Instagram captions and blog Posts.

>>> Confidence in your copy writing ability.

You also get support and Feedback from me and your peers! 

Let's get you out of confusion and overwhelm and out there sharing your 'NESS with the world.

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Helping you see what’s possible,