The Weight Loss Solution I Didn't See Coming


After over a year of Weight Watchers, embarking on vegan, paleo, investing in random powders and potions then promptly quitting no less than 48 hours later.  I’m finally losing the 10 pounds I’ve been mildly convinced is due to aging, my sloooow thyroid, and/ or birthing humans.

The weight loss is due to two magic bullets…

  1. I saw what it was costing me.  We went on a first time family trip to Yosemite.  I woke up feeling all sorts of tired and puffy. I didn’t want to be in any pictures despite close friends wanting to take our family photo.  I was snappy with my kids that weekend because my focus was on feeling the fluff. I noticed how my thoughts were ruining my weekend. Shortly after that weekend I visited my family in Florida and I saw how autoimmune disease was wrecking my dad’s health and how it looked like my older sisters were not far behind.  A lot of autoimmune conditions can be put into remission if the right dietary and other lifestyle adjustments are obtained and maintained. Living a life with chronic pain is one I’ve experienced and NEVER want to return to. Although I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, I received new found motivation to do better.

  2. I felt what I would gain if I lost the weight.  It’s crazy but one morning a few weeks ago I had been eating “on plan” for two days (yes two WHOLE days) and on that third day I woke up feeling like “holy hell… I got this.”  I felt lighter, inspired and ALIVE. I had the crazy zing of energy you get when you are just so excited. I love my life and I know I’m so fortunate, but that feeling is one I have not felt in a long time.  I felt it and I noticed it. Although I fell off of the dietary wagon that night, I had a visceral feeling of what it felt like. I didn’t forget this feeling. Shortly after that I was perusing Madewell’s online store and saw so many things I would LOVE to wear, but wouldn’t.   I know this sounds vain and maybe it is, but clothes matter to me. They matter the same way a well designed website and room matter. Basically I want to wear what I want to wear, not what works.

It’s these two concepts that create the fuel to stay committed and consistent to the actions that create results.  

Yes, this is an example of weight loss, but apply it to any area of your life where you say you want the thing, but are not doing the actions to get there despite all the plans to do so.

Because… It’s not about willpower and white knuckles.  

It’s about WHY?  

Why do you want this is so bad?  Is it worth giving up current pleasures to gain new ones?  When you start to see the current pleasures (eating 20 extra chocolate chips, nibbling on your kids mac, topping off the wine) as being roads to pain they start to lose their grip.

We tend to focus on the plan to get us to our goals and while that is important, the plan is nothing without identifying the pleasures and the pain.  Because as humans we are designed to move towards pleasure and away from pain, so It’s no wonder we instinctively choose cookies over crunches.

Next time you’re feeling all sorts of frustrated because are not following through on what you say you will do get in there and uncover... what not doing it will cost you and what you will gain.  

Helping you see what’s possible,