If The Phrase “On Brand” Makes You Want to Eat Your Feelings….

I was filling out a questionnaire and one of the questions was what are your favorite brands… I immediately started writing Madewell, Betsy & Iya, Barre3.

While these are all brands, I don’t like that these were the first ones to come to mind.  

I went to the headspace of where I think so many default to when thinking of branding their own business, and it’s THIS space that keeps people from nailing their own brand.   

The headspace that... to be a legit brand you need to be one of the polished peeps investing loads in marketing.

What?!!!  This is the exact message I preach against.  

While, yes, those are amazing brands, there is more than one way to skin this branding Kitty.  

I would argue my favorite brands are… mamas with pictures of their kiddos dressed in muted, linen jumpsuits while wearing a mama bird t-shirt declaring how “they were stormy with their kids today and will do better tomorrow”.  

I really love Jenna Kutcher, while she probably could be all polished and spend loads on marketing she doesn’t, instead she’s doing FB lives in her PJ’s with her dogs barking in the background.   

I love the Instagram influencer Shut The Kale Up, for her stories of being short with her husband and feeling like he is no longer attracted to her.  

The point… These are brands and I love them because they are NOT polished.  These brands (aka people) share their humanness. And when they share their humanness it not only makes me feel more connected to them, but to myself.  Because when you see imperfection in others it becomes easier to accept in yourself.

And more importantly they are not stuck marinating in their mind.  They are out there sharing themselves with the world in a way that connects with their audience, and that, my friends, is branding.  You sharing you in a way that creates genuine connection. That’s it.

Just show up. Be you. Write like you talk. Trust Yourself.

I know it sounds simple and I know it’s not that easy.

But, Honeybucket, the world really does want to hear from you. And they really do want the real, whole you.