Plug Up This Life Leak


I recently experienced a breakthrough that’s proving to be a needle mover.   
You know those defining decisions/ moments that impact the rest of your life.  Taking the job. Making the move. Marrying the partner.  Losing the weight.

For me this one was far less external, it was the realization of my lack of commitment to myself.

Truth is... 

I didn’t trust myself to...

lose the weight. 

Eat in service of my greatest health. 

Make the money

Execute on the bigger vision.  

So I spent oodles of time absorbing others opinions.

Half in. Half waiting for something else, better, different, easier.

As a result, I spent a lot of time in confusion, which really just translates to a whole lot of energy wasted and a whole lot of frustration gained.  

Here’s what changing that...  

I'm not letting my past results be indicative of my future.  I have yet to see the future, so might as well create it the way I crave it.

What this looks like IRL...

I’m doing what I say I’m going to do.  

In short, I’m making a final decision.  

I’m committed to MY commitments. 

I’m taking myself seriously. 

You know… the stuff I do readily for others, I’m doing for me.

It’s making all the difference.

So what can you do that in service of your future self?  The one you want to be 1 year from now?  

Hire the childcare?

Do the FB lives?

Stop dieting and trust that your body knows what it needs?

Or pick a diet that makes sense and STICK TO IT?

Invest in the coach, course, retreat, mastermind?

Finish the course. (***ahem, guilty***)?

Create the content calendar and the CONTENT?

Tell me I would love to know what you're ready to do to create the live you crave?!

Here’s to getting out of halfsies!!