The Most Productive Thing You Can Do


Hi friend! Happy Tuesday!

Whoosh I just finished a week of Spring break with my kiddos. We were a snore fest and just stayed home. I usually have my youngest home with me, but it was my 5 year-old's Spring break and while one more kid home is not a big deal in theory.... It is.

Two tiny humans energy together on a week where it rained nearly every day made me want to move to VERY quiet mountains.

All that to say, I should have used last week as my Spring break, too. Instead I tried to carry on with all of my normal doings.

In short, I was writing Instagram posts and clients' copy with sharks swirling at my feet. This just made for one uptight, tons of NO fun, mama. Which made for two, tons of NO fun, kids.

There we sat... three of us... having tons of NO fun.

On Saturday after a rather exhausting week, I put my daughter down for a nap, plugged my son into kids' Youtube and opened my computer to do some work. I starred at my screen all the while craving to read my book or take a nap, but that damn drill sergeant in my head kept saying....

You need to write this week's Instagram posts.

You need to set up the webinar's registration page.

You need to do a module in B-School

You need to write this newsletter.

You know what I did... I promptly got up and ate 3 chocolate chip cookies I did NOT need.

The point... we need breaks.

As entrepreneurs it's so easy to shove work into every available crevice of time.

You think you're maximizing your time.

In truth, you're minimizing it.

No part of your life gets the best part of you because you're always cloaked in some form of guilt from the thing you're not doing. It's like the perpetual soul leak.

Leaky souls... deflate.

So I made a rule this weekend... no more working on the weekends. All I had to do is make the damn rule and I was all sorts of pumped up to work on Monday. I love this work, but like anything, you need to break away from it to stay energized about it.

Soooo here's me giving you permission to get your nails done, take a nap, or build legos with your little. It's actually the most productive thing you do.

Helping you see what’s possible,