Never Do Another Client Avatar Exercise Again!!


Christ-on-a-bike this ideal client stuff trips entrepreneurs up (myself included).

I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School (I mean if there was any doubt if repetition works…. it does). After 7 + years of getting her emails I caved.

And I’m so glad I did. It just started this week, and I’ve met such incredible women. After talking with a few of them, I am reminded of how much of a hurdle this client avatar situation is.

Plain and Simple :: Client Avatar = Overwhelm.

Sooo lets stop filling out the client avatar questionnaire. Knowing your avatar is a 35- year-old mompreneur that drives BMW X5 helps nothing when you’re trying to write the words on your website. Instead lets….

Get to KNOW your Client, so you can write to her.

First… What problem are you solving?? If you don’t know this, your clients certainly wont either.

Second….Establish why YOU?? What gaps are you filing that other people in your industry are not.  

Next up…

How to Write Her (the logistics)

Language to use:  Simple. Conversational.  To the point.

Talk like you speak.  Write like you text. Grammatical rules need not apply.

Remember…Nobody is born a copywriter.  

Remember this, too the sweet spot of copy = when your clients UNDERSTAND what you do (clear language), while making them feel UNDERSTOOD (real life examples).

What To Write to her:

What are things holding her back from saying yes?

What possibilities are you illuminating for her?  (what’s possible for her if she uses your services in her life) - i.e. what problems are you solving.

What Permission are you giving her?  (why not her…. If she’s attracted to it, there’s a reason)

What plans do you have for her?  (your solutions, aka your services)

Those four questions right there are what I create nearly all of my content around. ALL of it

Want another secret… your ideal client is almost always the past version of yourself.

You’ve experienced a transformation and now you want teach others how to do it, too. Sooooo you have a huge piece of intel just by being you. In short, just think… what would you have killed to have read before you know what you now know?

Lemme know if any of these points help top alleviate the torture that is Ideal Clients.

Helping you see what’s possible,