My Business Started to Soar the Day I Shut it Down

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I closed out Xero, Dropbox, Acuity, and Photoshop.

My daughter was not quite 1, my son was not quite 4.

I was so tired of getting bursts of inspiration only to have the fire die by the time I had a window to execute on it.

I legit felt like I was the roadrunner with crazy legs, getting nowhere. Doesn’t he burn a hole in the ground at one point because his legs go fast and he’s in the same spot?.

In short... I was exhausted by this “passion” of mine.

Until… I got a note from a client on the very day I closed. She saw something in me. She wanted to hire me for a service I had never offered because she trusted me enough to help her execute a vision. I was so honored and excited by this proposition. This gave me cause for pause.

The next day, I met with an astrologer (as one does) who told me all about the greatness residing inside me… it was literally written in the stars.

This just in… we are all made for greatness.

The trick comes in letting ourselves access it.

It wasn’t until someone else validated my worth that I began to see it. As soon as I began to see it, I started to cut through the naysayers in my noggin’. And wouldn’t you know it once those suckers shut up, the overwhelm and confusion simmered enough to let clarity and action take the stage.

The point… often we think we are confused and lacking time, but more often it’s a lack of self trust, self love, self confidence.

You do not need a client or an astrologer to spell out your greatness. You need to know that if these passions are percolating within you they are there for a very good reason.

Trust that.

Be ok with showing yourself.

Your whole darn self.

Even the unsightly parts.

Especially the unsightly parts.

Those are the parts that expose your humanness… we are all human and man do we like seeing ourselves in another human.

So you want to connect to your people?!…. Show YOUR HUMAN.

Helping you see what’s possible,