That Time I Almost Paid $1200 to Have a Vortex Removed From My Home


Yeah, you read that title right.

This is such a long story, so imma make it as brief as possible, to get to the point.

Basically we had someone who was new into our house express they felt an energy and it wasn’t of the light and love variety. I’m into the world of woo, so this revelation didn’t freak me out and I didn’t think this person was cray.

I was just surprised by it.

Well, ok, I was a little freaked out by it.

But truth be told we’ve had a rocky road since purchasing our home last November. It started six days after we closed (meaning the property is legally ours) and a water pipe burst in the kitchen. Nobody was living in the house, so the pipe was running for days. By the time my husband got to the house the kitchen and living room were destroyed.

It ended up being a major bonus because… new kitchen, but it took a minute and months of chaos to see it that way

We moved into our house in April. I love this house. I love our neighbors, but my hubs is on the struggle bus. He went from rock climbing and Spartan races to having one working limb.

Basically he had one knee surgery in August and while healing from that surgery his other knee went down hill. A few months after his knee surgery he had shoulder surgery due to an old climbing injury. And as luck would have it, a few weeks after that we realized his original knee surgery failed.

So... enter February and my hubs is getting double knee surgery while still healing from shoulder surgery. You following me? Also to be noted… there was no one cause for his failing knees.

On the day I wheeled him home… I was told about the entity residing in our abode. See why I’m feeling a little vulnerable?

I’m not well versed in the world entities and dark energies, so I asked the person who told me about such things… what do I do? She put me in touch with an expert.

The expert confirmed dark energies, entities and even a vortex.

Doooode, if you’re like huh? I’m with you. I’m spiritual and all the woo, but this was beyond my scope of spirituality. That should have been my first clue.

As much as I tried to not to be unnerved by this info… I was.

It took over my brain in an already stressful time. Remember... hubs in wheelchair and we have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old.

So I met with the expert ahead of time to heal my energies (as one does).

After my meeting with her, I got this icky feeling. This was the second time I had this feeling about her. I decided I would sleep on it, given we were about to invest $1200 with her to clear out the energetic critters.

The next morning I woke up and was like ohhhh this is a NO. Like screaming from the hills NO! I text her that day letting her know, we were not going to go through with the ghost busting scheduled for the following day.

Let’s just say… her response confirmed my icky-ness.

As for the critters… I had someone come in and bless the house and someone else (who I highly trust) do a little house clearing for us (for free). I don’t know if there are or were any critters or where my beliefs live on this subject. It’s all so new to me, but what I do believe in is my version of Spirituality, which is NOT rooted in fear. Quite the opposite.. it’s rooted in knowing everything is an expression of love (even the critters - especially the critters) and we get to say what has power over us.

But… here’s the gift in this scenario…. I caught myself listening for truth. When I felt unsure, scared, anxious… I stopped and I listened. That feeling that lives beneath all of the logic… I heard it. It’s the answer that feels good and right. And I acted on it.

Morale of this story… just because someone says it’s true, does not mean it’s YOUR truth. Only you can make that call. Stay open and listen for that truth, it’s the one that’s not screaming for your attention, instead it's the one that’s patiently waiting for you to hear it.

Helping you see what’s possible,