I Love You, I Am Listening


It’s only mid- February and I’ve…

given up wine.... for 2 days.

Signed up for Weight Watchers AGAIN!!

Gone vegan twice.

Logged into Lose It for a GRAND total 3.5 days (not consecutively).

Nearly signed up for ANOTHER Life Coaching Certification Program

Considered quitting my business to work on an Organic farm, only to turn around and fully commit to it. Like... go all in.

In short, it gets crazy noisy up in my noggin’.

And something tells me I’m not alone. With all of the podcasts, newsletters, courses, audible books, regular books, webinars, Instagram + blog posts with tips, templates and tricks on how to do ALL THE THINGS you want to do, it’s easy to tune out the voice that really matters....


We are so quick to assume everyone knows more and/ or better than we do. And while, yes, there is a lot of value in absorbing wisdom from those obtaining success in areas we are looking for more in, it gets really easy to focus on other people’s thoughts and stop tuning into our own.

There’s a really good chance that someone else’s magic formula will not be yours. At least, not exactly.

It’s like the person who’s allergic to the main ingredient in the allergy-friendly, protein powder. It’s only allergy-friendly if you’re not allergic to peas.

So I’m here today offering you the one piece of wisdom I’ve found most beneficial in my constant quest for THE solution...

Maybe you're not doing it all wrong.

Maybe if you really looked at all you’re doing right and take the focus off of what’s not working, you would start to feel a little more freedom and fun, which leads to flooooooow.

Maybe if we paused, put our hand of our heart and said "I Love you, I am Listening" we might be able to get the answer we've been frantically searching for outside of ourself for.

Essentially, I’m thinking we start spending less time trying to fix our life and more time living it, and see if the results we’re looking for are lurking in the being vs the doing.

Helping you see what's possible,