The Mindset Shift That Helping Me Eat Less and Do More

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A close friend of mine narrowed down a key behavior in my life… you love a rule, you love to break a rule.

The minute she said it… I was like no wonder I feel like I’m stuck in park.

I get all geared up... set a goal, pay the money, work on said goal theeeeeen the discomfort of change creeps in and I start to feel like I’m in a tight, wool turtleneck in Phoenix, Arizona in July.  

In short, I’m trapped, so I liberate by breaking my commitment.

The rush of freedom comes marching in…. Woohoo I do not need to show my face on Facebook, send the sale’s email, I can eat peanut butter, cake, and drink wine (all at once- if I want).  

Only to crave the same goal weeks, days or hours later.  

And then the cycle starts ALL OVER AGAIN.

Hence, why I sign up for Weight Watchers nearly every other month.  

Here’s what’s breaking the cycle for me… my view of freedom.

I’m not trapped, I’m uncomfortable.  I’m learning from all of the podcasts/ audible books I listen to… the brain hates anything new, so just prepare for the discomfort ‘cause it’s coming one way or another.  Seriously knowing discomfort is normal is a GAME CHANGER. I’m no longer hitting the eject button at the first sign of uh-oh this doesn’t feel the same.  

This and...

Turns out rules, restrictions, constraints, and limits only backfire when they are sourced from a place of loathing versus love.  For example… I am crazy committed to exercise. I workout 5-6 days a week whether I get 8 min or 8 hours of sleep and I usually have two needy humans swirling around me as I do it.  This habit would never stick if I was doing it from a place of “you’re fat + lazy.” I am committed because I love the way I feel during + afterwards. I love the human I become because of it, so I’m not forcing myself into it.  To be noted: I was a total couch potato growing up, so it’s not like this behavior is natural, I had to develop this. I’ve always said if I could just figure out how to transfer my exercise habit to my dietary and entrepreneurial habits, I would be golden.  Looks like that teeny, tiny perspective shift might make ALL the difference.

To boot there is nothing liberating about doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, that is quite literally the definition of insanity.

I hope there is a nugget in here that helps you gets your fanny in motion.  I know how frustrating it is to want something with all of your fibers and be the one who keeps yourself from getting it.  We humans are crazy critters.

Helping you see what’s possible,