Investing in Your Business is Not the Key to Success


I once believed that the entrepreneurs who go all in and make the big financial investments in their business are the ones that succeed.  

That’s not true. The money is one way to skin the success kitty, but it only works when there is a ride-or-die commitment behind it. 

So technically it’s not the money that leads to success it’s the commitment behind the money.

Meaning you kick fear out of the mother-lovin’ car, throw your blinders on, put your head down and trust.

It’s the second guessing... doubt starts to creep in. Should I do like this?  But this expert says no grains, and funnels are the future.  

So you end up with a series of false starts, dripping in confusion and overwhelm leaving you firmly stuck in park.  

I once heard someone say any diet will work if you stick to it... it’s the continual jumping ship that sabotages it.

So here's my invitation to you what can you commit to today and trust that you know enough?  

Then create a plan of action with an end date of completion.   Lemme know how it goes.  

Helping you see what’s possible,