The One Thing That's Keeping Us From Everything

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The way you think. Determines everything. EVERYTHING.

The round part resting on your shoulders, residing between your ears, also know as your what’s keeping from you from intimate relationships, losing the baby weight, making millions, pursuing your love of basket weaving, changing direction every week, wanting to quit at the first sign of criticism.

Andddd… It’s also why you find the love of your life, finish college, run the marathon, and start your business, so it’s up to you…. are going to use this powerhouse for propelling you into the life you crave or keeping you stuck in the one you have?!

I know I’m not exactly sharing earth-shattering news, but I kind of am. At least it was for me. I have been binging on Brooke Castillo’s podcast: The Life Coaching School lately and it’s literally changing my world.

Here’s Brooke’s model (in case you haven’t been stalking her like I have) ….

Your THOUGHTS create your FEELINGS, which create your ACTIONS, which create your RESULTS.

The actual circumstance means nothing.

What this means in real life…

Let’s say someone criticizes your work, that’s the circumstance.

What you think about it determines if it’s going to be in service to you or not, soooooo your brain (your thinking machine) is the gatekeeper to this outcome.

Basically what you think about the circumstance creates your feelings. Another way of saying this is… what are you making it mean?

It could mean …. I’ve made it I have a large enough reach I’m attracting haters

It could mean... I’m a fraud, I have no business doing this.

Guess which thought is going to ignite the feeling of wanting to move forward and which one will make you stay stuck in confusion?

Whatever feeling you have will determine your ACTION:

Oh cool Imma keep sending out blog posts, doing my FB lives and creating new products.


Oh sh*t I don’t know if I should be doing this, so imma stay radio silent over here as I stalk other women on Instagram getting after their life.

And guess which actions yields which results?

One creates an audience that generates sales, and new material to keep you in flow.


One keeps you on your couch drinking wine at 4:00 scrolling the ‘gram.

Get it? The great news… this model can be applied to any area of your life. ANY area. You just need to find the thought that’s causing the havoc. It’s like finding out where that horrible smell is coming from.

And the only way to do this is to clean house…. Also known as a thought download. Every morning write for 10 min, get everything out of your brain.

Gurrrl you will be surprised at what critters are lurking in there. We walk around with all of these beliefs that have our lives on autopilot and we have NO idea they are there.


Step 1: Get those thoughts out.

Step 2: Look at them

Step 3: Separate them into a keep and donate pile

Step 4 : Polish the turds. What is a different way you could reframe a thought that’s not working. Ex: I’m so selfish because I want time to myself to exercise. Reframe: I’m so smart because if I don’t take care of me, errrybody else suffers.

Step 5: Put the thoughts you want to keep back in your noodle and bid adieu to the others.

Step 6: Repeat every damn day.

Bonus tip: Look at areas in your life where you’re spinning your wheels. Ask the Question: What’s keeping me STUCK?!! Then mine for the thought that’s at the root of it.

I hope this helps you as much as it’s helping me!

Feel free to drop in ma private Facebook group and let me know any sticking points in your life.

Man this solopreneur stuff can feel SO-LOW and overwhelming, but it doesn’t NEED to be this way. The more we are here to support one other, the more we can point the crazzzzy thoughts that are keeping us from a crazy good life.

Helping you see what’s possible,