Trust Yourself & Question Every Nugget Of News You Decide To Make Truth


I closed the doors to the launch of my course nearly three weeks ago.   And then I nearly closed the doors to my business.

1.5 years ago my business was on the up and up.  I had a client waitlist, little overhead, I was inspired and it all felt manageable with two small kids and three big moves.   

Then I decided to create a course.

I invested $9,000 in a course creation program.  

Stopped taking as many 1:1 clients to create the course.  

Spent oodles of hours away from family to create the course.  

Launched the course and sold 1.  

Re-launched and sold 1.   

I stopped taking even more clients, to re-do the course.

Bought more courses on creating courses. 

Hired an online business manager to help launch course.

Launched new course and sold 3.

Created another course to go with first course.

Hired a coach to help launch new course. 

Stopped taking all 1:1 clients to launch new course.

Launched second course and sold 4.

Stopped marketing my business because I was so burnt out from marketing courses. 

Considered closing down my business to be a farmer, homeschooler, and cookie baker.

And that leads me to today, 3 days after I listened to a podcast that said scaling is all the rage, but it’s not always the right move.  

And that gave me the space to really acknowledge when my business started to disconnect from the creativity and connection that lead me to start it in the first place…  it was when I decided I NEEDED to scale. Because when one nails the 1:1, the next step is... scale... right?!!

Not necessarily. 

To be clear… I’m not against scaling, I still believe in my course, and I’ve learned so much over the past 20 months.  However, I think it’s like anything, just because the “experts” are preaching to do it, does not mean you should.

Lawd if there is a theme in my life right now, it’s trust yourself and question every nugget of news you decide to make truth.  

Just because it’s someone else’s truth, does not mean it’s yours.  

The entrepreneurial world is still very much the Wild Wild West, nobody knows THE way to do something, because there is no ONE way, so if a strategy, style or system doesn’t feel good in your bones, look at it.  Really look at it. There so many ways to skin this entrepreneurial kitty.  

And if you’re in the market for stunning Squarespace website, I’m back to taking 1:1 clients.  I just updated my design offerings, to reflect the simplicity and creativity I’m looking to evoke in my clients, so they can get out from the overwhelm and start sharing their sweetness with the world.  

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Helping you to see what’s possible,