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Anyone else feel like 2018 was the year tail chasing?!

Like ….I’m so busy, going so fast in circles, going nowhere, or maybe I moved a little, but the amount of distance I covered I should have traveled to faraway places.

For me… 2018 was the year of yes... I signed up for a major course creation program (should’ve stopped there), got my life coaching certification, moved twice, took on work I knew was a “no”, signed up for every webinar, ebook and freebie, purchased 3 social media courses (only completed 2), joined + quit Weight Watchers at least 5 times, joined a gym (quit after 2 sessions), launched a course despite burn out, and refused to take it easy this holiday season despite an Intuitive’s biggest piece of guidance to slooooow down.

Enter 2019… And now I'm sitting here wiping my faucet of a nose with that bone tired-ness running through my veins. I want to do this year different.

Strangely enough, I kind of love this place where surrender starts to take the wheel, my goodness does this feel better than frantically doing all the things. I can feel that emphasis to be discerning with my time start to rule over signing up for webinars I'll never attend, strategizing my next diet dujour, and saying yes to coaching I don't actually need.

In a nutshell... clarity is replacing guilt.

As a result of this new found clarity...

In 2019 my focus is on teaching and community. These are two areas that light my fire, but honestly they come with visibility and commitment... two areas I STRUGGLE with, but a wise soul recently asked me what would the woman you desire to become be doing in her business? In short, that answer lead me to my two latest happenings…

1. I’m going to be doing more “how-to” posts + videos discussing tech tips (hello how to create a logo in Canva, set-up a sequence in Convertkit, build a beautiful website in Squarespace), writing guidance (you know... how to write captivating content in your emails, website, and social media) and talking all things that tend to put out even the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs fire (likkkkeee how to feel like you don’t have to do ALL THE THINGS to succeed).

My goal is to keep these posts short + crazy helpful. I know you have a to-do list the size of Texas, so I’m here to help you get after those do’s with ease + efficiency.

I would also LOVE to hear from you on topics to cover.

Because...the more I know you, the better I serve you.

Annnnd last, but not least

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2. I have a swanky new group on Facebook. Basically it’s me + group of rad ladies coming together to support one another in all things entrepreneuring. If there’s anything I’ve done really well on this entrepreneurial journey is build a solid circle of women helping me through the daily doings of life + business. I met so many of these women on social media and I want to set up a group for you to receive the same.

Ok if you made it this far, you are a true trooper!! In 2019 I’m committing to helping you embark on entrepreneuring with fun, flow and freedom, because that’s why we all started this she-bang in the first place. Love you guys and I hope you’ll join me!

Helping you see what's possible,