Are Websites Dead?


I have been watching a few trainings on funnels lately, a big case for funnels is they replace websites due to how effective + efficient they are.  I recently heard an online entrepreneur say… I don’t know do people still even have websites?!

For a hot minute I was like... shit are websites dying breed?!  

I started to think about what a website is for me as an entrepreneur and consumer.  

And hot dog…


As a consumer…. They are often the biggest factor in who I choose.  To me they are a huge introduction into who a business is. Color me shallow, but I make a judgement call based on a website’s aesthetic.  If I’m googling eye doctors in my area and I find one with a minimal and modern website, I’m going to pursue that one first. Because… it tells me ohhh you guys aren’t stuck in 2002.  You care about pretty shit and you are evolving with ‘ze times, which translates to confidence in their expertise… maybe you offer the latest glaucoma test and offer Warby Parker glasses.  In short, I infer A LOT from a website. I legit did this the other day with a coach I was thinking of hiring. I heard her on a podcast, loved her, and wanted to know more about what she had to offer, I went to her website, it was hard to read and none of her latest services were on there, soooo I’m still on the hunt for a coach.  Translation: websites matter.

As a an entrepreneur… A website is the container that untangles all of my passions in a way that makes sense to me and my peeps.  It’s my anchor when I’m like… wait what do I do?!  Recently I just redecorated my website through new colors, banners, buttons and fonts.  This lead me to decluttering my services (meaning I took a hard look at what I actually want to provide).  This clarity and re-decorating is leading to energy shifting in me, which is leading to my business getting through some stickiness.  You are in your head so much as an online entrepreneur, so it’s invaluable to have a digital space to get it out of your head, organized and beautified.  Basically websites provide the therapeutic properties of a journal and the momentum of a mood board, while getting you paid. Translation: websites matter.

I’m not saying the other parts don’t matter, too.  Funnels and Facebook are the kitty cat’s meow, but their job is to support the website, not replace it.  Mmmkay.

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