3 Tips To Write Captivating Content


Nobody is born a copywriter.

They don’t teach this ‘ish in school. In fact, just because you nailed english or even creative writing, does not mean you’re going to nail this copywriting stuff.

People hate writing because….

They have no idea what to say

They have no idea who they are saying it to (who’s my avatar?!!!)

They have no idea what their “voice” is

They stare at a blank google doc only to hit delete every other key stroke

They are horrible at grammar

They are amazing at grammar (you read that right)
They are preparing to write War and Peace

They assume it needs to come out perfect in the first draft

And you know what…

I hated writing, too. Because of all of these things.

But here’s what changed all of it… TRUST and these next few tips.

1. I write like I talk. No really. JUST LIKE I TALK. Fractured sentences. Weird sayings (hello... who in the name of Peter ). Strange grammar (the somehow is now 'ze). And you know what this does?.... people feel like I'm talking TO them, not AT them. Another way to tactically look at this, write like how you would text a close friend.

2. I write from a place of inspiration. I know this may seem obvious, but do you do it?!! Literally when I'm treadmill-ing, showering, driving I stop and makes notes in my iNotes on my phone, so I encapsulate the passion to fuel a flow of words. Then I go back and look at these notes when I have a minute and just start writing. No editing. Just writing. Then I walk away. Forget about it. Come back and re-read with a fresh pair of eyeballs. This shows me what words need to go and which ones need to stay. It also illuminates my brilliance. Basically I almost never think my writing is any good when I'm writing it, but when I come back to re-read it, I'm always like "dang that's not too bad."

3. I story tell with as many simple words as possible. Meaning I share real life events and I use everyday words, not industry lingo. A great example of industry words... alignment, manifestation, visibility, marketing, branding, inflammation. If you are in the life + business coaching or health arena you know these words like the back of your hand, but your clients don't. Sure they know the meaning, but they don't feel the meaning in their bones like you do, because they are not where you are at. If they were they would not need to hire you. So explain what alignment actually looks like...it looks like being annoyed that you have to pee because you literally do not want to step away from your work for 30 seconds.

Here's hoping these tips take some of the pressure out of writing about your business. It's the service most people want to hire me for, and it's the service I think nobody should. We should ALL be understanding how to effectively + efficiently write about our business, it's a huge point of connection, so hiring it out on the regular is not only expensive, but missing out the virtual hug and handshake that draws your peeps to you. I guess I just added pressure to this whole writing. I giveth and I taketh. Long story, short learn to write right and we are making it way too hard.

And lucky duck... If you like the idea of learning how to really write right, I teach you this + how to build a brand (your over all vibe) + create a beautiful website in my course Heart and Homepage and the doors are open. I honestly don't know how long the price is going to stay this low, so if you're straddling the fence, consider this your nudge to 'ze other side.

Helping you see what’s possible,