How Krista's Brand Nearly Killed Her Business

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Krista came to me looking for a new website, logo and clarity around the words to use on her website. On our Client Intel Call I got a sense of Krista and I got a sense of Krista’s life coaching business. I also got the sense that they were two separate beasts and when you’re branding yourself if you’re not sewed into the fiber of it… the struggle is real.

The struggle to create and sell products. The struggle to create and keep a community. The struggle to avoid jumping ship at the thought of sitting on the phone with Legal Zoom.

In short, if you’re not inspired, you will expire.

During our call I listened for what lit her up, for what she envisioned for herself, for what impact she was hoping to make, and who she was craving to work with. And I listened for when her voice dropped, when the details stopped flowing- basically when the energy left the conversation.

After our call I looked over my intel and put together Krista’s Brand Clarity Manifesto- which is essentially all the words on her homepage, how all of her passions merge together to form her services, what makes her different and how to show share all that she’s about on Social Media.

In summary… I gave her permission to be herself and show it off.

This was the response I received after she read through the Brand Clarity:

So when I first started reading what you wrote I cried. You will find out that I cry a lot and I take this as a good sign to keep going forward.

It’s so simple, but so deep as well. The emotional response is captivating. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for the past couple of years but didn’t know where to find it.

Next we began to work on her brand Identity (this is where the pretty comes in) she shared with me her Pinterest board of inspirational images and I got to work pulling colors from them, creating her logo and other brand elements.

I sent over her brand board feeling like it was all the pretty and superb representation of the themes I saw on Pinterest board.

See said board below:


Krista liked it, but didn’t LOVE it. The board looked a lot like what all the coaches were doing and what was showing up on her Pinterest board, but there was a large element of dissonance, so we started to dig.

We looked at words she wants her clients to feel and how she wants to feel. Words like “warrior,” “unleash, “ and “queen” came to the surface. We talked about what her professional photos were going to look like (one idea was a woman in a prison-like jumpsuit in high heels and bright ass red lipstick). These were VERY different from the earth, mama dream catching situation I had presented on her board.

So I went on a Pinterest search under the words we talked about and the colors I saw coming out.

See brand board below:

THIS felt like home to Krista. So I got to work designing her website based on a brand that is rooted in her soul’s calling.

I did this through…

looking for stock photos that related to the topic in a way that also featured an element of the unexpected (i.e. a woman with a sleeve tattoo in suit)

I choose font that had an edgy-ness to it.

I used bold colors throughout the website.

I wrote to her to clients in a direct, unencumbered way.

As a result, Krista cried. She unleashed.

Her posts on Facebook showed the bits of her that have been percolating beneath the surface for well, ever. She started to create dialogue with other women opening them up as she did, too, dissolving shame and creating real connection, because she was REAL.

Krista became a magnet for the people she was craving to work with. She’s a creator of engaging content through her blog, opt-ins and Facebook lives. Krista's Facebook and Instagram posts became exciting and effortless because she was creating from a place of I love this shit rather than I have to do this shit. Also she’s writing a mother-lovin’ book.

I share Krista’s story with you because this is why a brand is so much more than your logo, colors, and font.

When a brand is rooted in you it’s your soul’s work moving from invisible to visible.

In short, it’s a big fuckin’ deal.

Sooooo if you are feeling disconnected from your brand and looking for a little direction?!

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