The Step-by-Step Guide to Naming Your Business


What are you going to call it?

Scoop up my tricks to naming courses, services and brands.

Without further adieu here’s where we start…

You may not need to look in all of these areas depending on how quickly your name shows itself to you.

The outcome… Another way of saying this is what problem do you solve? For example... my first business name was gingermint creative- the idea was I help to alleviate the nausea that comes with starting + growing a business through my creative services. What alleviates nausea… ginger + mint. Presto.

What’s your business’s end goal? For example... As my business grew, I grew, so the need to develop a brand that grows with me, became apparent. Here’s what I mean... In addition to website design, brand strategy, and content creation, I’m into health, sharing stories, skin care, and interior design. I want room for all of these legs in my brand, so I decided to breakaway from gingermint creative and go with Hey, I’m Kelli, basically … this is me.

What emotion are you looking to evoke? To get to the bottom of this seemingly deep question choose three words that describe how you want to feel in your business + and how do you want your clients to feel as a result of the services you provide. For example...This one also played a role in my name. My idea was to evoke connection and freedom (two of my 3 words). Connection, because Hey and Freedom, because (ummm you can name your business anything- aka I’m Kelli).

So begin the brainstorm. Once you have answers to these questions, start to play…

Go to word hippo and look at words that mean same thing, but you like better. Words that rhyme. Words that mean the opposite. All of this intel can stir up your creative cauldron and can make for some clever business names.

Go to and look at common phrases that go with words that go with your business’ outcome or the emotions you are looking to evoke and see what happens when you play with them. That’s how I got Heart and Homepage. The desired outcome is to get after what’s in the heart and get it on the Homepage, so I looked up heart and I looked up home. There’s an idiom hearth and home, so I played on that. I had a few others from that search, too (home sweet home page, home, home on the page were two of them), but the domains weren’t available, which brings me to the next step…

Look to see if domain is available by typing it in at Godaddy. If it’s available and not $1,000 (yeah that happens) and you love it - then scoop it up + all the subdomains like net, co, etc… to protect your brand.

And there you go... now you have a name that anchors in all of those passions percolating in you.

Let me know how it goes and what you come up with. I would loooove to see your passions start to take root.

And if you just figured out how amazing you are at this branding stuff (we all are if we give ourselves the permission) then giddy up for…

Heart and Homepage: a 5 week online course where I guide you step-by-step onhow to create a brand that's rooted in you, how to write about your brand so your people understand what you do and WANT more of it, how to choose your brand's colors, design a beautiful logo and other design elements, and show them off on a Squarespace website that looks like you hired the swankiest of designers.

This branding stuff need not be expensive or complicated. Quite the opposite, actually. Stick with me and I'll show you how.

Helping see what’s possible,