5 Reasons Why Building a Strong Brand is Essential for a Strong Business


First of all, if you’re like... what in the name of Patricia is a brand?! I mean I know the word, but why is errryone yammering on about it?! In short, you’re wondering what the big deal is. I get it. I felt that way too. Until I uncovered that a brand is SO MUCH MORE than a logo and the colors + font you choose.

A brand is YOU.

You are fundamentally part of your business, and your business can’t be seen or recognized until it has consistent and coherent branding.

  1. Your brand creates clarity so you know WHAT you offer and HOW you’re offering it. Clarity allows your audience to truly connect and facilitates content creation (aka creating dynamite Instagram and blog posts that don’t feel like torture to write)

  2. Creating a brand that’s rooted in YOU, allows it to evolve as you do. A Brand is not static when done right. You should never outgrow your brand, it should grow with you, when new interests and tools enter your wheelhouse.

  3. Understanding your brand allows TRUE connection with your client. You get to write in a way that they can UNDERSTAND what you do while also feeling UNDERSTOOD and heard! (the sweet spot of copy).

  4. Designing and connecting to your brand, basing it on what you love, makes you one giddy kitty when you invite people to visit your website and your Instagram or hand over your business card. Because it is all in alignment with YOU!

  5. Creating your own website makes you feel like royalty. You know it represents you, you have the power and ability to change anything that feels out of alignment. Girl you are master of your domain.

In other words…

Your brand is your anchor. When you can’t remember why you started this crazy journey in the first place, it’s your North Star when you’re not sure what to do next, and it’s the thing that sets you apart from all of those who do what you do.

In my up-and-coming course Heart and Homepage I teach you how to create a brand you love through weaving all that you love into your business’s name, your title, the services you offer, the words on your website and your social media.

We’ll translate your thoughts, personality and values visually through your brand’s fonts, colors, logos, and stock photos. And THEN you learn how to show all of this off through building your own virtual home on squarespace.

You do not need to be a copywriter to write dynamite copy. You do not need to be a website designer to design websites.

You DO need to build a brand you LOVE to build a business you LOVE and the best expert on all that you love is you.

So let me hold your hand while you create your home from a heart based place.

Don’t hire me… hire YOU!

Helping see what’s possible,