Get Your Heart Out of Your Head and On to Your Homepage

Starting and growing a business can be crazy overwhelming. 

You have all of these things you love, but how do you bring them together in a way that makes sense to you and your client.  Also who is your client?  You've done all of the ideal client exercises.  You know she drives a Subaru, has two kids under 2 and lives in a 'burb outside of Chicago. Great. Now how to use all of that to write words that make her want to buy what you got.  And how do you display these words on a website and social media that's on brand (what does on brand even mean?!) without spending all the money you haven't made yet?  

You know what you do?  You hang tight for 1 month. 

Heart and Homepage a series of 3 separate courses is launching in August. 

These nuggets of knowledge take you through the brand building process in a way that makes sense and is applicable.  Aka you're not going to be left with a bunch of google docs filled with all of your good ideas and client avatars.  You will actually walk away with the words on your homepage.  You will know exactly what you're offering and how all of your passions come together to form your unique brand and you will have a beautifully designed website to show all of this off.  Ta-da!  Sound like something you might likey?  Pop over here to learn more. 

In the meantime grab my handy dandy guide below on what elements to include to make your Homepage Homey

Helping you see what's possible,