The Only Piece of Marketing Advice You Actually NEED. Get ready for a dose of relief.


First of all, Hi! Me again. 

It has been a minute since I popped into your inbox.  I was sooo hoping to avoid dropping that ball, but alas it happened.  Nobody died.  I bet you didn't even notice I was gone.  

Truth is I needed some space to catch my breath.  If I'm being honest, my business was growing faster than I was able to keep up with it, which was leading me to being a bitchy wife, snappy mom and an absent friend.  Also my pants were getting too tight.  I'm going to pretend that last point is related. 

In short, I set out to create this business to feel inspired, connected and free and I was feeling NONE of those things. 

So I created a little space by taking to-dos off of my list, working less at night and on the weekends, saying no to projects and being honest about timelines + expectations on the projects I was already committed to (essentially I pushed projects out).  I also significantly raised my rates.  Basically the thing I'm realllllly good at is getting in there with my clients.  I care as much about their business as they do.  That's what sets me apart from any ole Harry on the street.  And guess what's the first thing to go, when I have too many clients at once.... MY SPECIAL SAUCE.  So I'm taking on far fewer clients (starting in August) to be able to provide the shit I'm really good at: My heart, eyes and hands all up in your business.  Literally.   Urgency alert... my calendar  is filling up, so if you are thinking you want me mono-et-mono in your business, please reach out ASAP.  

So back to the title I lured you in with: 

The one piece of advice you NEED to SUCCEED. 


Treat your clients like you want to be treated.  I know... turns out the golden rule is applicable everywhere.  So how do you apply this windfall of wisdom?!  Good question. 

What this looks like in practice: 

Speak to your clients like you wanted to be spoken to (before you were the expert on what you're now an expert on).  For example I was in Xero this morning (it's an accounting software) and I was trying to figure out my monthly profit and loss (yes, this is the first time I've tried to view it monthly- don't judge me) and for the life of me I could not figure out how to do this simple task.  I mean this is software developed for the entrepreneur who is not an accountant, Who's not familiar with the world of accounting terms like balance sheet, aged payables, aged receivables, liabilities and assets.  I mean would it kill them to literally say how much I made this month, How much I lost this month.  I would even take monthly profit and loss.   My point:  talk to me in language I (not you) understand.   

Do you enjoy receiving a 3 emails a day from someone?   If no, think about how often you like hearing from someone and build your email marketing strategy from that.

Do you enjoy navigating a website with pop-ups, twitter feed updates, and 143 different options.  If not so much, simplify.

Do you enjoy seeing all business blog posts, instagram and FB posts?  This one right here is the catalyst for this post.  This got me.  So many marketing/ social media advisors pump the info to keep your personal life out of your business.... Don't show your kids on your instagram it will confuse your audience or don't post a pic without it being relevant to the services you offer.  And while I understand where this guidance is coming from.  You want your information to offer value and not be a running diary, but I think there is a middle ground. 

People connect with people. 

People want to see the human behind it all.  This means letting them see your face on your instagram feed (I'm horrible at this), your life in your posts you know..sharing vulnerabilities, trials and triumphs or maybe just letting them know you would die without peanut butter (just me?).  This notion was reinforced after I listen to a few of Jenna Kutcher's podcasts.  OMG these podcasts are so good!  You must listen for yourself.  Anyway morale is... show all of you. Your audience not only wants to see it, but they NEED to see it.   They NEED to know why you?  I know I'm going to be working on this so much more too.   Get ready to see me more of me... you lucky ducks.  You've been warned.

Sooooo to sum up,  when questioning a marketing strategy think about what you would like and there's your answer.  

Helping you see what's possible,