How To Add a Convertkit Opt-in on Your Squarespace Website (Video Tutorial)


Soooo if you have Converkit or are thinking of switching to Convertkit and you are wondering how in the name of Pete do I connect my Convertkit to Squarespace, so I can collect email addresses this video is for you,

Also .... if you kittens have a tech question regarding Squarespace send it my way.  I love doing these videos/ posts.  OMG if my email challenged former self could see me NOW.  I use to scream/ cry/ shoot dirties when doing anything tech related. Now I'm begging for more.  I dunno how this happened.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still a ding dong in some areas, but I'm really geeking out with all things Squarespace, so tap this well.  Or something.  

Without further adieu here's a lil video tutorial leading you through how to add a Convertkit email opt-in on your Squarespace website.