The 4 Biggest Things I Did to Switch From Having an Expensive Hobby to a Thriving Business


The world of starting and growing a business can be ridic scary, really lonely and overly overwhelming.  It can make cubicle life feel like a dream.  And honestly, corporate life is a dream for some, but if it's not your dream the minute you enter the resume sending process you want to puke or run for Ben + Jerry.  In short, you're caught between a rock and a hard place.

If you're there, I get it.  Lawd do I get it.  And I'm here to help maybe...

Without further adieu here are the four things that helped me to get out of my head and out into the world.  Also please know I have none of this figured out, nor am I raging success, but I do feel like I switched over from expensive hobby to business,  so take what sounds like a YES and leave the rest. 

1. I got crazy clear on my brand.  OMG are you guys sick of me talking about this yet?!  Well there's a reason... it changed EVERYTHING for me. 

What does clarity look like?!!... What's my message.  Who am I talking to.  What am I offering.  How am I doing it (what services am I offering).  How do I want my brand to feel/ look.  AND WHY the heck does what I'm offering serve something way greater than me not working for someone else.  

2.  Designing a brand that matches the above message, so I feel anchored in my brand and crazy clear on the days I wanted to quit.  This meant a new website design, logo, and brand name (I use to be Gingermint Creative).  Let me elaborate... a big part of my messaging is to make this marketing stuff accessible, simple & fun, so changing my Name to Hey, Im Kelli from Gingermint Creative made it feel less like an agency and more like me.  Also it gave me more room to share me, which I'm an entrepreneur just like you, so my life works as relatable content to share.  Essentially I'm never left wondering what to post on Instagram because I'm in the trenches with you guys. Do you see know how this seemingly tiny design tweak of logo change made all the damn difference?!

3. Changing the way I did Instagram. Creating a new instagram account devoted to my business,  so I could post freely. Yes, I lost a lot of followers, but I knew the people that choose to follow me on my new instagram account were interested in what I was offering not just pictures of my kiddos.  Also I gave myself permission to only manage this account.  It became too much to toggle between personal and business.  And using stock photos on Instagram, which took the pressure off of taking the perfect photo, which I'm so not good at.  Posting consistently at least 5 days a week.

4. Finding other people who entrepreneur and surrounding myself with them.  The biggest pool of support has come joining Inner Glow Circle's Life Coaching program.  But they have a free group on FB if you want to start to dip your toe into a community of rad women.  

Let me know if there are further ways I can support you get after what lights you up. 

I truly believe we have passions for a reason and they are a responsibility, not a luxury and I want to help you treat them as such.  If you want to start getting those passions out of your head and and out into the world, I have a series of 3 courses that helps you do such things through clarifying your brand via your words, composing it in a way that's rooted in you and constructing it on a beautiful website that's designed by you.

Helping you see what's possible,