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What is all of this talk about BRAND?!  You see it errwhere.... Brand Strategist.  Brand Breakthrough.  Brand Clarity.  Brand identity.  If you're an entrepreneur you know you need to have a brand and it better be badass.   But what is it really?   Why so much emphasis on it?  And why would one pay someone to discover or enhance it?  I mean shouldn't that be something everybody can do on their own?

If you're anything like I was, you may not realize the BIGNESS behind this word. You know the word well enough, sure it means your logo, the colors, the fonts, and the way your brand feels to you and others.  While true... this is not the meat of it. 

Brand also means knowing how all of your passions translate into clear services and clarity in the clients you're speaking to.  This is the roots and guts on of your brand.  If you don't have this nailed all the Monterrasat font in the world will not make your brand.  And to be honest, it's hard to gain this kind of clarity while you're swimming in your business. 

This is why you would bring in a second set of eyes.  Someone to pick up on what you love and who you love to work with (not what or who is making you money- there's a difference), pinpoint what's working vs what's not and create a specific plan that incorporates these findings.  

A specific plan that grants you the kind of freedom only boundaries can.  Huh?

I see (and I've experienced), the incarceration that is AMBIGUITY.  You've got all of this passion juice running through your veins, but it stays bottled up in that body of yours.  You feel unclear in what your overall message is and who it's to.  Your website, FB and Instagram don't feel like an accurate representation of you, so you stop sharing content.

And when you stop sharing, you stop getting new clients. 

A solid brand is not a nice to have, it's a NEED. 

After I got clear on what the flub I was up to, shit shifted.  I no longer run out of content to share (this why you see a blog from every Tuesday- before it was more like once every 6 months and Why I'm booked solid until June, with new inquiries coming weekly, let's just say this is not what it looked like prior to clarity.  Totally not horn tooting (well I guess I am ) but I'm doing it to show you the before and after of a well decorated brand vs one that's built on a solid foundation.  WE are looking for functional and pretty.  

This is why I started focusing on brand clarity in my business. With every client, I start with a brand clarity session.  We get crazy clear on what they're offering, to whom and how.   We clean up and get rid of what's not working and create a clean and clear user experience, so their clients know what they do and what to do next.  

Oh the power of clarity.  Think you could use a dose?  Book your fanny a free 20 minute call with moi, and we'll see if brand clarity is your missing piece.

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