My Top 5 Places to Get Dynamite Stock Photos


I loooove me a good stock photo sleuthing session.  It's one of my favorite parts of building websites and ma instagram.  There are so many good stock photo options out there now.  It's no longer the creepy boardroom scene with all genders wearing white collar shirts, high-fiving one another.   

That said... the good ones are still a little hard to find.  So in case you're on the prowl for some photos that can make your website or 'gram, here are the places I'm loving right now.

1.  Stock that Rocks-  This is my favorite right now.  The photos are exactly what I'm sleuthing for. You can either pay per photo ($10) or do a monthly membership fee.  Side note: this website is painfully slow.  They are re-doing their website, so the speed might change in the near future.  

2. Kate Max Stock-  My second favorite.  I don't love all the images, but I love most.  I believe this is membership only- meaning you agree to pay $95 for three months or $325 annually for unlimited access to photos during those months.  Side note:  this website is also painfully slow, but worth the wait.

3. Haute Stock-  I no longer have a membership here, but I loved it.  I just got tired of sleuthing through the same photos. I like to switch up my memberships.  This is also membership only - meaning you pay $99 every 3 months or $299 Annually for unlimited access to the photos during that time.  This website runs faster than the other two.  

4 Unsplash-  the photo database is large and the photos are FREE!!  It's recommended to give credit to the artist, but not enforced.  Honestly, I should do this more, but forget 90% of the time.  These photos are really large, so if you  are going to use any of their photos make sure to shrink them to be web ready.  I use Tiny PNG to do this.  If you don't do this your website will take dayssss to load.  Side note:  Because these photos are good + free they are less original- meaning more and more of these photos are used on websites and social media.

5. Life of Pix- another free stock photo website!!  The database is not as large as Unsplash, but I feel like less people use this one, so you might be able to find more original photos.  Again, these photos are large so you are going to want to shrink them before you put them on your website.

Hopefully this helps you find the photo that says exactly what you NEED it to.  

helping you see what's possible,