Help Me Help You


This week's post is going to be short and sweet. You're welcome.  

I'm doing it.  I'm creating the course that I've been saying I'm going to create for over 2 years.  No really, I am.  I am in Femtepreneur's Accelerator Course, which is my way of making myself accountable to completing this thing I'm crazy passionate about doing, but never make time to do.  

This course is for all of those entrepreneurs looking to either start or grow their business, but feel STUCK in ambiguity and overwhelm. 

You know...

the ones who have many passions, but cannot find the common thread among them, so they don't actually know what their business is offering, who their ideal client is and how they are going to make money doing it all.

the ones that need a logo, a color palette, a favicon (that little icon next to your URL), and a signature they feel giddy about every time they look at it.  

the ones that need guidance on selecting killer stock photos and where to find said killer photos.  

the ones that want a website that feels like home.  A place they cannot wait to show off as it represents them so clearly and it helps them remember what + why they're doing what they're doing on the days when the haters are whispering (or shouting) in their ears. 

the ones that want to know how to speak to their clients in a way that is effortless and effective.   

Essentially, I want to make getting after the stuff that lights you up as easy as possible.  I want to remove a few of the barriers to entry in starting and growing a business, so I'm aiming to give you my best nuggets of knowledge in the most accessible and affordable way I can think of.   

Here's my ask... 

I NEED to know what you NEED from me?!  If you have anything you're aching to get guidance on as it relates to branding, website design or copywriting, please let me know.  I'm making this course for you.

Stay tuned, this labor of love is coming in hot late Spring/ early Summer 2018.

Helping you see what's possible,