How On God’s Green Earth Do I Know Who My Ideal Client Is?!!


Lawd does this question make entrepreneurs squirm.  It’s daunting.  It’s so daunting.  But it’s not. 

Let me explain…

So traditional methods ask you to create some arbitrary customer avatar.  You give Le Avatar a name of Sally Lou, a weight of 125, a modern town home in a suburb outside of Chicago, a job in advertising, two kids, a Subaru, a husband who works long hours, but what do YOU GET?!


This somewhat arbitrary assignment of characteristics does not offer a connection to your client. You know... the one where you know what’s she thinking.  What keeps her up at night.  The real reason she wants to lose weight.  Quit the job.  Travel the world.  Become a Life Coach.  The real reason is where your connectable content lives.  When she reads your words and utters “OMG that is so me”  that’s when you know that you know who your ideal client is.

So how do you get to that place?  

1. Look in the mirror.  More often than not our ideal client is the past version of our self.  We created a service or product because we struggled with something and could not find a simple answer to it.  After compiling buckets of time, classes, coaching and mistakes, we now offer the solution to the problem we had all those years ago.  So, girl, you have the BEST access to how connect with your client.  You were her.  Speak to her like you wish someone would have spoken to you.

and / or...

2. Look who you love to serve and what you love offer, then work from there.  Often I see entrepreneurs doing the reverse.  They look at the service/ product that’s doing the best then build their ideal client based on who is purchasing it.  This only works if you like that service as much as they do.  You cannot create a sustainable ideal client on a service you’re meh about.

After you have your person with a pulse (not some arbitrary ideal) in your head, start listing out:

  • What they are looking for?  In simple words.   I want to eat real, healthy food and lose weight without spending a lot of thought, money or time in the kitchen.  

  • Why are they looking for it. Dig deep here… what’s the reason that lives beneath the surface. What’s actually going on?  (i.e. weight loss is not actually about six packs and pant sizes, it’s how you show up in your life when you FEEL confident and healthy).   

  • How would there life look after they in engage in your service?

  • How does their life look without the service you’re offering?

  • Why have other people who offer a similar product or service failed them in the past? How is your approach different?

  • Why do you love to offer this product and service?

Everybody is all about attracting their ideal client, but nobody likes to take the time to really get to know her.  And you cannot attract her if you do not know how to speak to her.  Morale of the story, don’t skip this step, or list out a bunch details that have no meaning to you thinking you accomplished this step.

Helping you see what’s possible,