What I drink in A day: It's More Interesting Than You Might Think


I get that this could be a completely boring post, buuuut hang tight.  I drink a lot of magical elixirs throughout the day, and I swear to Peppa they are a big reason I get up at 4:50 with actual stamina to navigate my days filled with two kids, running + growing a business, as well as, keeping up with my ridic exercise, food and cleaning rituals.

Also I’m not advocating for doing all of this.  In fact, I need someone to help me fully embody doing less.  

Nonetheless, if you need to do a little more or just want to feel a little more like doing a jumping jack just for giggles, try out one of these potions.  Just one, not ALL of them.  Or do.  

Potion 1:  

Liquid chlorophyll & vitamin D drops in warm water.  

Why it’s magic: I have this glass of green first thing in the morning, as the warm water helps stimulate digestion (aka helps you poop) and the chlorophyll supposedly oxygenates the blood, giving you more energy via plant power, also there’s a host of other amazing things this goodness does. I’ll let DR. Axe tell you about it.  The vitamin D drops are just because I feel like it’s easier for me to take in liquid form.  

Potion 2:

8 oz organic coffee mixed with 4 oz Califia Farm’s Cold Brew (yes, this is like using cold brew as your creamer). 1 Scoop Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Peptides, 1 tsp Gaia Golden Milk Powder

Why it’s magic:  the collagen supports bone, joint, skin, nail, hair and digestive health. That’s the PC way of saying it’s the bomb if you want to feel and look bomb.  Seriously, though my hair started to get crazy thin after having my son.  Since I have been doing a scoop of collagen a day, my thinning hair has stayed away.  The Golden milk is essentially a tasty version of turmeric.  Turmeric is revered as the firefighter to all of your inner flames.  Inner flames (aka inflammation. aka the root of cause of everything that’s not working in your body). The cold brew just tastes amazing, gives me an extra dose of caffeine and cools my coffee off perfectly, so I can drink it asap.   

Potion 3:

10 oz warm water, 1T apple cider vinegar, 1T lemon juice a few drops of liquid stevia.  This tastes like warm lemonade.  It’s so good.  I swear.  Why it’s good for you: There is a lot of lore around apple cider vinegar being the catch-all, home remedy.  However, there are no real conclusive studies on such things. That said, color me crazy, I just like the taste and I swear it helps with my sweet teeth.  Lemon juice is another one touted to do it ALL,  I mainly drink it for Vitamin C.  With two littles running around my immune system can use all of the help it can get.  

Potion 4:

1C Organic Chicken Bone Broth, turmeric, Himalayan salt and black pepper.  You can make your own bone broth or buy it.  I do the latter.  I tried doing it the former, I never made it, therefore I never drank it.  I purchase Bonavide Provisions.

Why it’s magic: The broth has oodles of minerals that pump up your immune system. There’s a reason why you give Chicken soup to the sick. Bone broth is chicken soup on 'roids because the collagen helps heal the gut and therefore your whole life. NBD.  Also it tastes really good and feels like someone is actually giving you a warm hug.  I’m surprised by how much I like it.

Potion 5:

Kombucha.  A fermented tea.   My favorite brand is Synergy because of the taste and lower levels of sugar.  Again you could make your own, but I do no such thing.  See above.  

Why it’s magic:  It’s filled with probiotics, which again help your gut, which help your whole life.  Some say it gives them energy, but that has not been my experience. Plus if you ever just crave that fizzy feeling going down your gullet, this fella really hits the spot, but if you've never had him before, you might hate him on round one.  He grows on you though. 

Potion 6

1 generous pour of wine.  A fermented beverage.

Why it's magic:  It makes you less of a monster to your kids. 

Potion 7

Filtered Water.  Actually I need to drink more of this.  

Why it’s magic: You need it to live, also if you drink an entire cup of it before you dive into tortilla chips or chocolate chips you eat less of both. At least, that’s what I hear.

Helping you see what’s possible,