Everybody is Wrong and You’re Right


No, really.  Nobody knows what’s best for you better than you.  This is not a new sentiment, but when you think about how true it actually is, it makes things far less complicated.

This is more than the do you movement it’s do you, because you gotta know that everybody else is doing them. Hmmm that sounds dirty.

What I’m saying is people see life through their own highly, customized prescription glasses.  Our view of the world is made up of our experiences, so we are all projecting our bias, opinions, strategies, ways that work/ don’t work, etc... based on what WE know to be true.  If we had a had a different experience, we would have a different truth.

So while people are out there preaching this is THE way, know it’s actually their way.

In short... there’s more than one way to skin the cat of life. Where did that phrase come from anyway?! So violent.

For the purpose of this post, let’s narrow it down a bit and say there’s more than one way to successfully start, run and grow a business (cause there is). There are so many resources out there (Yes, I know I’m one of them, so I’m putting a clause on my advice as well) with tips on how to entrepreneur with the most success, but at the end of the day they are just tips. They are ways that have worked for others, which can provide a path of least resistance, but the ultimate path of least resistance is the one that’s guided by your gut, your higher self, your guides (yeah, I’m going woo).

What if you know better?  What if the way you want to do it has never been done before and it’s the thing that shakes things up.  I mean what if Steve Jobs was like nope, flip phones are where success lives.  Flip phones are not a good look, so praise Lorraine he pushed back on that nonsense.

I have an intuition, hunch, and proof that the successful businesses are the ones with a genuine passion to serve, powered by a real person showing up with quirks and all.  I saw a quote somewhere (I actually think I put it on my Instagram) that business is no longer about business to business, but human to human.  We NEED more human now more than ever.  And what better of a way to connect than through letting your branding, marketing, products, services all be rooted in you.  If you hate the pop-up email captures don't use them.  If you hate lead magnets don't do them.  If you're a coach and don't see value in long term contracts, don't do them. 

The cliff notes of this post:  trust yourself.  In fact, do more than trust yourself, showcase that shit.  'Cause you came here with a package of magic that is best served straight from the tap.  Take the advice that gives you a zing and seriously noodle over the stuff that doesn't. Just because it was someone else's secret sauce does not mean it's going to be yours.  

Helping you see what's possible,