The First Place to Look if Your Business is Not Succeeding


Feeling the frustrations?

How Clear Are You?

Every single entrepreneur I work with is insanely passionate about what they do or want to do, but they are also crazy unclear about how to do it and/or who they are doing it for.  Let me explain… I often get clients with several things that light them on fire.  

Problem 1:

They want to be a success coach, health coach, and integrate their Doterra side gig, but they cannot figure out how to bring the three legs together under one umbrella in a way that makes sense.

Problem 2:

They have all of these interests, but they cannot figure out how in the name of Peter, they can have one ideal client, so writing words to her to promote themself feels like actual torture.

Problem 3:

They’re no longer passionate about what they’re doing, but it’s their money maker and they have no idea how to pivot.

These three problems rear their ugly, fat head in the form of STUCK. You stop promoting your gifts because they are buried under a cloak of ambiguity and overwhelm.  You have a website that’s half done or it doesn’t represent you where you are at now, so you feel sheepish about sending anyone to it and you stop sharing on social media with any consistency, so you’re not bringing in new clients.  This is not a recipe for success.  

So the first place I have been starting with every one of my new clients is a Brand Clarity session. It’s a 90 minute session where they unload on me.  I take all of their passions, find the common thread and create one business, with one goal and one client.  Then I write out what their homepage will look like, which I found is one helluva business map, as it points to the clear paths of revenue and how all of the seemingly different legs integrate with one another and then I spell out what sets them apart and how to promote themselves on social media, so they’re never left wondering what the hell to say.

Soooo if your business feels stuck there is a good chance you need a big ole dose of clarity. Lawd I just had to do it with my business AGAIN. Nobody is safe from ambiguity.  Good thing I have a course designed to get after this silly little success killer.


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