6 Reasons Why You Don't Need to Be a Website Designer to Design Websites

  1. People assume that building a website requires you to be techy. I am living proof this is not the case. I hated computers. I refused to have an email account for a long time. I failed out of my interior design program in college because I couldn’t pass CAD (Computer Aided Design). It wasn’t until I gave myself permission mixed with patience to sit down and play that I figured out that computers were not the enemy.

  2. People assume they can’t design if they haven’t been formally trained or if they don’t have a natural inclination towards design. The best design stems from what YOU love, so there is no better designer than you; however, the practice comes in giving yourself permission to do it and trusting there is no wrong way.

  3. People assume their logo + brand colors have to relate to their messaging and have deeper meaning. For example… choosing a color because it evokes a certain emotion or having symbols and glyphs that convey an underlying message. None of your clients are going to understand that deeper meaning or pay attention to the colors you choose based on the emotion you are trying to evoke. So choose your colors and create your logo based on what you are attracted to. Ultimately your clients are buying you, so show bits of your personality through these design elements. In short, there’s no wrong way to do it as long as it feels good to you

  4. People assume that they need to have oodles of professional photos to have a website that looks, well, professional. Yes, 1-2 photos of you that look professional-ish are great. An iphone, good light and a friend can achieve this if you don’t want to invest in a professional photographer from the go get. The rest of your photos can be stock photos. Stock photos have come a long way these days and a good stock photo can help fill in your message where your words leave off.

  5. People assume they need to have and be savvy in fancy software like Illustrator and Photoshop, but that is not the case in these DIY times. Introducing Canva and Picmonkey- two free online drag and drop websites that allow you to design all the fancy with no design training needed.

  6. People assume professional equals dynamic and detailed websites and logos. Dooode the trend is simple. People LOVE the simple logos of just a circle, square, two lines, etc…. The world is your oyster with design, but the good news basic is the bomb. And more importantly, people be busy, websites with oodles of options, pop-ups and live twitter feeds can feel overwhelming, so creating a website that feels simple and clear is welcome for our overstimulated, and short attention span selves.

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