KISS + SPACE: Two Tips To Making Sure You Never Run Out Of Topics To write About on Your Blog and Instagram


Confession:  I had no idea what to write about this week on the blog or Instagram.  When I run out of content, I lose mojo in my business.  While I’m still excited and inspired by the client work I’m immersed in, I’m not that jazzed up about my business, which reflects how I bring in future clients.  My business is caffeine for my soul, so when I feel meh in it, I feel meh in life.  I started thinking about why this is and how to fix it.  Here’s what I came up with, hopefully it can help you get through a case of writer's block too.  

KISS.  Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.  You do not need to write a War and Peace Novel everytime you write a post.  In fact, the shorter, the better.  People are busy.  Readers are far more likely to start and finish reading your words if there are not a lot of them.  Also your content does not need to be dissertation worthy.  Meaning… you don’t need to share some seemingly earth-shattering topic.  Often the stuff that comes natural to you is your area of expertise, and while it feels like nothing to you, it could be everything to your audience.  

SPACE.  Give yourself S.P.A.C.E to share what’s lighting you up.  Often we get caught up in the branding of our brand and feel like we’re running out of content because we’ve boxed ourselves in. I just felt this as I really wanted to share more lifestyle related post (like my breakfast, the rugs I’m obsessed with, moving to a new area and still feeling lonely) but felt like I couldn’t ‘cause it wasn’t on point with my brand. Nothing takes the wind out of my business sail more than feeling like I’m sharing content from a place of have to versus want to.  I swear my audience feels it too.  

Bottom line: You are human, you grow and evolve, allow your business to do it with you and you will never run out of things to chat about.   

To be noted, there’s more lifestyle related posts coming your way.  We are remodeling a kitchen, which means two things:  

1. Interior design was my first design love.  I love me some decorating, so imma share more of that journey once we get past the demo phase.

2. Cooking. I love to cook/ bake, but have lost the giddy-up to do this since we moved as the majority of our stuff is in storage due to living in temporary housing.  We are in another rental until our kitchen is done, but now we have some of our own stuff, so keep your peepers peeled for a rando recipe coming your way.   

Helping you see what’s possible,