What Your About Page Should Really Be About


This just in… your About Page is not actually about you, it’s about your client.  

ALL of your content needs to be about your client, but for the sake of today’s lecture, we’re going with the page most entrepreneurs think is meant to house their life story.  If this is you, know you’re in good company, I thought so, too.  

But as luck would have it, your audience doesn’t really care about your core values, credentials or how you take your coffee.  

Don’t believe me?  Next time you go to a company’s about page… take note of what you’re looking for.  For the sake of time, I’ll spare you the research, you’re looking for…

  1. If that company can meet your need

  2. how they do it

  3. If you make it this far, honestly people read two sentences and if they get the info they want they start looking for the price or the connect button, buuuut if you’ve got the random extra minute to kill you might stick around to get to know a tidbit or two on the human behind the website-  this is where you are given the opportunity to share your story as it relates to your clients’ needs, so really this part is about them too or if you MUST share things about yourself (this works well if you are your brand…. Ahem Hey I’m Kelli) then share quirky facts in list form.  Lists feel like far less of a commitment and at least the quirky facts act as entertainment, so again the list is actually about them, too.

Ok so what does this look like in action?! So glad you asked...

Let’s say you’re a real estate agency that specializes in the buyers’ market (no idea if that’s actually a thing) and you’re in a hot market like Portland, Oregon.  You know your clients have heard the rumors about many eligible buyers becoming beat down with all of the multiple offers, losing house after house.  These people are less than optimistic about their journey. Buuut they desperately want in on the inner East side. They also crave working with a real person, a suit & tie guy with ALL the logo adorned paraphernalia is a deal breaker.  They want the a down-to-earth agent who knows their desire for different, their struggle in what should be an enjoyable experience, as well as, he knows the market.  

Your about page would look like...

Here at Nest we know you know that it’s nuts out there.  We also know that everybody’s house always shows up.  We get to know you + your family well, like stalker well.  Then we stalk the market, reach out to all those other agents we send Blue Star donuts and Stumptown coffee to on the regular so you get YOUR house before anybody else knew it was THEIR house.  Also we do all of this without handing out one flyer or magnet with our Mug on it.  You’re welcome.

See short and sweet.  You understand that they could meet your need and you feel UNDERSTOOD.   If you take nothing else away from this post, take this…

We all want to be SEEN, your about page is the perfect page to really SEE your people, not show them who you are.

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