Why I love Copywriting So Damn Much and Why You Might Care


I love writing what we are all thinking, but rarely say.  

Here’s why… we are so similar, yet we all walk around with our secrets tucked away in our pockets praying that nobody sees them. We feel alone, ashamed and unworthy on some level.  When really we’re human.  Plain and simple.  Our dirty laundry, is not dirty at all, we just think we are the only ones experiencing said dirt, so we keep it hidden, but the only way to realize there is nothing dirty about our laundry is to air it.  Get it?   

At the end of the day, all anyone wants is to be seen for who they really are, but you gotta show people first.  You know?.  Also know I need to heed my advice more than anyone.  So this is not me preaching from a podium with my laser pointer.  Mmmkay

Human connection goes next level through sharing the grit beneath the neat and tidy surface.  We cannot have real connection without it. When you show up as you are, you not only unburden yourself (please tell me somebody else watches the show The Path), but you give others permission to do the same. This is why I write.  I wanna give all y’all permission to feel unburdened.  Or rather… feel compassion towards yourself and others through realizing we really are not doing it ALL wrong, and we really are trying to do it ALL right.  Color me Mother Teresa.  

So when you’re creating content for your audience try and go next level with human connection: Think about what’s going on underneath the surface.  What’s the actual (not the perceived) desired outcome for your service…

Examples of what that might look like:

  • If you’re a health coach specializing in weight loss, it’s not actually about losing 10lbs, it’s about how they FEEL when they are 10 lbs lighter.   What does that look like in their life?… more girls’ nights out, showing up to their daughter’s wedding minus the worry of a dress that’s too tight around the midsection.

  • If you’re a virtual assistant specializing in the technical side of the game, speak to those long hours entrepreneurs feel helpless and scared that the email sequence isn’t firing correctly.  What’s does that look life in their life… hours in front of a computer, close to tears, missing out on dinner with family members as the rest of their to-do list cycles through their head.  

So often we write how everybody else in our industry is writing.  And usually those words are more about the words used among other professionals in the industry. These words don’t land with your clients because they are not where you are at professionally and those words barely scratch the surface of what’s actually going on.

A really good filter to find out if you are writing from a place of what is actually going on is to think of a past client, or a past version of yourself (often we are offering services we wish would’ve been around when we were looking) and speak to what you were feeling and experiencing.  And speak in a language you would have understood at the time, not the one you know now.  

Example of what I’m saying…

  • Let’s say you’re a life coaching talking about scarcity and abundance. Although those words are used all of the time in the coaching arena, the chances of them landing with your ideal client is low.  It’s not to say she does not know what those words mean, I’m sure she does, but she doesn’t know what they mean as they relate to her life.  But if you were to say something about... do you have a relationship with money that looks like you’re a slimy, bag of douche if you want more of it? Or do you do a happy dance every time you make more of it, decide how you’re going to allocate it, and continue to work on making more of it?

Can you see the difference there?

In short, clarity and connection… is the name of the game in creating words that make your clients stop and say omg that’s totally me.  All we all want is to be understood, so if you’re clients feel that instantly with you, you can bet they are going to want to stick around and see what else you’ve got up your sleeve.

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