Let Your Website Uncover the One Thing Your Audience Really Wants To Buy

(Hint: It Was Right In Front Of You The Whole Time)

When is the last time you shed a tear, or seven, during a commercial (do people still even watch commercials)?

It's rare, but it happens.  For the most part, the commercials that provoke the dripping eyes leave some mark on your memory.  

Don't believe me, if you are a mom, especially a new mom, please watch Johnson & Johnson's You're Doing Ok, Mom campaign.  If you're not a mom, watch it anyway.  Try not to tear up.  I dare you.  

Yes, babies and boobs sell; however, in this instance, It's not the baby, per-se, that does the selling. 

It's the deep love you have for your child and the deep insecurity you have in caring for the thing you love the most.  THAT insecurity -the thing nobody really talks about, but everybody feels- THAT is the MOTHER LOAD.  No pun intended. Seriously.  Everybody knows the deep love a mother feels -it's marked on some stone somewhere important- and while that emotion will never lose its relatability it has lost it's impact.  We are expected to experience this grand praternal love, but we are not expected to be imperfect at it.  

The Juice Lies In The Crevices Of Imperfection.

Our imperfections are our human-ness.  They are the things that make us who we are, BUT they are the things we keep buried under a blanket deep in our noggin'. We use these little enigmas as ammunition to berate and isolate ourselves, so the minute we see somebody else put the same deep, dark imperfections out into the world we feel CONNECTED, less broken and less alone.

And that is the one thing YOUR audience is looking for:  HUMAN CONNECTION, so allow your site to create a connection, not a deflection.  

Add more human and less buy now buttons.

Give your words a pulse 'cause you only need to get somebody's attention once.  

With buckets of inspiration,