Planning: Procrastination Dressed Up In Fancy Clothes


With New Year’s resolutions already planting their seeds in our precious noodles, I started thinking about all of the hoopla that goes into making a change.  Even if you don’t partake in the ceremonial resolution, you can’t help but start to think about change.

We buy the journal, the workout clothes, the nutrition plan, the gym membership, the planner, the organizational bins.

We create our lists.  We check them twice and then we go back to business as usual.  

It all feels so heavy.  These big life changes.  So we wait until the exact moment in time when there are no holiday parties, fundraisers, holidays, birthdays, soccer games and, well, life.  

Until then we plan.

So much energy is wasted on the momentum to make the change.  What if we just started to change?  

You know… Just Do It.

Those Nike guys really know what they are talking about. 

What if instead of the gym membership we opened our computer and put on a free 30 minute Youtube workout in our PJ’s while our kids watch Bob the Builder.  Today, not on January 2nd.

What if instead of the grain-free, sugar-free, vegan dietary plans of grandeur we just stopped eating less dessert, snacks, our toddler’s food and started eating more vegetables.  Today, not on January 2nd.

What if instead of waiting until you have the perfect brand + business vision you start with what you have and write a blog about what’s lighting you up.  Today, not on January 2nd.  

With so much energy invested in the plan we tend to lose momentum before we even begin.  But when we start to do we gain momentum.

The point:  Change doesn’t happen in the planning phase.  It happens in the doing phase.  Change doesn’t happen in BIG chunks.  It happens in small, sustainable steps.

So whatcha waiting for?  Go get  after that vision of greatness you’re saving for 2018… TODAY.

Helping you see what’s possible,